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The sub filter manager page here at this URL:
doesn't work well with my very large default font size
screen shot link to dropbox

1. Note truncated account names due to narrowness of the scrolling lists.
2. Note account names don't enlarge with rest of fonts.
3. Note very small gutter between lists, makes it hard to fixate on which list I'm selecting

GOOD NEWS! DW already has a page which works much better.

The access filter manager page here at this URL:
is much more usable with my very large default font size
screen shot link to dropbox
The access-filter scrolling lists seem to adjust width (although some account names are still cut off). I am willing to do a bit of horizontal scrolling to have all three lists, which accomplish a lot!

REQUEST: Remodel following layout of access filter manager
a. Double or triple scroll list width (ideally, since you have lots of room, expand to maximum account-name length +5)
b. Don't hard wire font size.
c. Triple or quadruple gutter between "not in filter" and "filter" lists.

Mods, could I have a "large font" or "large print" tag?

Protocol question: should I post this to [site community profile] dw_suggestions
as well?
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A few infintesimal things and one bigger thing (and if people know about bits I missed please say).

The big thing: at the request of magnification users, primarily, we now have "skip to main content" links, woo! They are invisible in most cases, but they are the first thing on the page if you use a screen reader or if you tab from the top of the page. They currently only work in site schemed pages (pages that look like the DW home page, not pages that look like reading pages or journals; that's probably coming). Caveats by browser:
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer should just work
  • Safari works if you enable tabbed browsing, from the Safari menu pull down and select “Preferences”, Click on the “Advanced” icon and check the box next to “Press tab to highlight each item on a webpage”. Chrome might have the same issue, I'm not sure.
  • Opera, sadly, cannot work, because of implementation issues.

The two small things are alt text now exists on the dreamwidth logo, and the video direct link has moved out of the outlined placeholder box. I haven't fixed the duplicating link, though, so that's still mostly aesthetic.

There's also some FAQ and doc clarification, which is always an accessibility help.

Also come to think of it there is a real cognitive win in the new feature on the beta create entries page, where if you pick a custom access filter it tells you who is on the filter.


Jan. 30th, 2011 10:35 pm
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I've been wondering about this for a while, and just now decided to ask...

Why are tables broken so badly on Dreamwidth? I get that it's for accessibility, but how does removing borders help? How does screwing up the alignment of cells only when one of them contains an image help? (Example: This becomes this [not my entry], but the cells on this entry are aligned just fine.) Edit: That goes for font styling, also. I know <font> is deprecated, but it's hard to get used to using proper CSS on sites where the stylesheets aren't mine to control (not that that's a bad thing, but there's my reason).

I've tried having a screenreader read an ordinary table and then the version of the table that Dreamwidth "fixed" and noticed no difference. So... what exactly is the reason?
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We finally have a light-on-dark site scheme available - it's called "Gradation Vertical" and has the site menu up the left side of the screen instead of in a bar across the top, as well as a dark background with light coloured text.

This should be helpful for those who find it easier to read web pages with a dark coloured background!

You can try it out by changing your account's display settings.

If you find any problems with it, please let us know by opening a support request and explaining the problem as exactly as you can. Make sure to tell them about any assistive tech you're using if it's relevant to the problem.

Thanks to [personal profile] branchandroot, who did the light-on-dark scheme. Getting a light on dark version of one of the more horizontally arranged style schemes is also on the agenda in the longer term. Anybody who's interested in helping, or learning how to help, would be very welcome, just leave a comment!

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