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Ricky Buchanan ([personal profile] jeshyr) wrote in [site community profile] dw_accessibility2009-12-16 07:52 pm

Light-on-Dark Site Scheme Available

We finally have a light-on-dark site scheme available - it's called "Gradation Vertical" and has the site menu up the left side of the screen instead of in a bar across the top, as well as a dark background with light coloured text.

This should be helpful for those who find it easier to read web pages with a dark coloured background!

You can try it out by changing your account's display settings.

If you find any problems with it, please let us know by opening a support request and explaining the problem as exactly as you can. Make sure to tell them about any assistive tech you're using if it's relevant to the problem.

Thanks to [personal profile] branchandroot, who did the light-on-dark scheme. Getting a light on dark version of one of the more horizontally arranged style schemes is also on the agenda in the longer term. Anybody who's interested in helping, or learning how to help, would be very welcome, just leave a comment!

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Ooh, my eyeballs and I thank you!