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web-accessibility blogs and resources

Gimme your favorite web accessibility discussion blogs, sites, resources, etc!
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Don't know if it counts but I use all the time.
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Accessibility is only one of many topics they cover, but is a good place to get answers to questions.
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Sorry few days behind on my reading list, hope these are of interest.

Developer blogs with a high emphasis on accessibility

* Roger Johansson:

* Karl Groves:


Blogs or sites that are almost all accessibility

* Marco Zehe: Mozilla's Accessibility QA Engineer (blog is primarily English)

* Joe Clark: wrote the book (back in 2002) Building Accessible Websites (Site also includes Joe's opinions and research about Queer issues and design.)


General site that "gets it"

* CSS Tricks:

Only mainstream place I've seen that regularly has conversations about accessibility in the comments.


New to me, so I'm not sure about it yet

* Humanising Technology Blog

Check out this great post which led me to them - Accessibility – Where are we now Mr Bowie?

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Figure better late than never.

A List Apart championed standards-based design back in the dark ages of table layout. Here are 55 articles on the topic of accessible web design

the Web with Access In Mind has tons of resources for beginners and middlers. What's special is they do actual research on how people with various impairments use the web. Accessible design that's tailored to actual users is always a good thing:
In-depth, depressing & exciting discussion of where accessible-web-design is right now.

Some Sites I Use

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Hello. I'm rather new to Dw, but I have created a journal and posted some entries. First off, a big thank you shout out to the development team here for embracing accessibility. You've done an excellent job and I hope you continue to do so. It is very much appreciated, not only by me but by others as well. Now to my site recommendations. I think one of the commenters on here made reference to the fact that they didn't know VoiceOver that well. I was there too not long ago, and I just got my first Mac after Christmas last year. One site I'm registered on and have bookmarked is AppleVis at . This site was started a few years ago and contains a wealth of information on Apple's accessibility solutions for people with low or no vision. Another website worth checking out is . This is a blog and podcast on "the accessible digital lifestyle," and covers several of today's platforms. Their sister site offers a line of accessibility products, a few of which I used when I was still in Windows. Finally, is a podcast hosted by a husband and wife team. They cover an array of topics, and have had on some interesting guests. Hope this list helps.
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