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deborah ([personal profile] deborah) wrote in [site community profile] dw_accessibility2013-07-26 11:30 pm

Accessibility features in the new release

A few infintesimal things and one bigger thing (and if people know about bits I missed please say).

The big thing: at the request of magnification users, primarily, we now have "skip to main content" links, woo! They are invisible in most cases, but they are the first thing on the page if you use a screen reader or if you tab from the top of the page. They currently only work in site schemed pages (pages that look like the DW home page, not pages that look like reading pages or journals; that's probably coming). Caveats by browser:
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer should just work
  • Safari works if you enable tabbed browsing, from the Safari menu pull down and select “Preferences”, Click on the “Advanced” icon and check the box next to “Press tab to highlight each item on a webpage”. Chrome might have the same issue, I'm not sure.
  • Opera, sadly, cannot work, because of implementation issues.

The two small things are alt text now exists on the dreamwidth logo, and the video direct link has moved out of the outlined placeholder box. I haven't fixed the duplicating link, though, so that's still mostly aesthetic.

There's also some FAQ and doc clarification, which is always an accessibility help.

Also come to think of it there is a real cognitive win in the new feature on the beta create entries page, where if you pick a custom access filter it tells you who is on the filter.
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[personal profile] we_are_spc 2013-07-27 03:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Sweeet on the filter thing. :)

The one thing we miss re filters: every so often their used to be the links to the custm access filters that would link you to all entries on said filter. We miss this. Especially since sometimes we forget to add a filter-and then we can't find the entry to do it with )or tags, etc. >.>)

-Phoenix (For the SPC)
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[staff profile] denise 2013-07-27 03:41 pm (UTC)(link)

Those entries appear when you're logged in as the owner of the account and viewing an entry posted to a custom filter! We haven't changed anything about when they appear :)