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The sub filter manager page here at this URL:
doesn't work well with my very large default font size
screen shot link to dropbox

1. Note truncated account names due to narrowness of the scrolling lists.
2. Note account names don't enlarge with rest of fonts.
3. Note very small gutter between lists, makes it hard to fixate on which list I'm selecting

GOOD NEWS! DW already has a page which works much better.

The access filter manager page here at this URL:
is much more usable with my very large default font size
screen shot link to dropbox
The access-filter scrolling lists seem to adjust width (although some account names are still cut off). I am willing to do a bit of horizontal scrolling to have all three lists, which accomplish a lot!

REQUEST: Remodel following layout of access filter manager
a. Double or triple scroll list width (ideally, since you have lots of room, expand to maximum account-name length +5)
b. Don't hard wire font size.
c. Triple or quadruple gutter between "not in filter" and "filter" lists.

Mods, could I have a "large font" or "large print" tag?

Protocol question: should I post this to [site community profile] dw_suggestions
as well?
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The current "Manage Filters" page sucks. It sucks for sighted people, people with low vision, people with mouse use issues, and especially for screen reader users. So basically it sucks for everybody in terms of usability and accessibility!

Be reassured: Now that the "Manage Circle" page is relatively accessible it's next on our "hit list" of sucky Dreamwidth accessibility spots. But in the mean time [personal profile] rahaeli pointed out to me there's a workaround for those who find the Manage Filters page to be a big problem.

1. Open your Manage Filters page and use the "New" button to create all the filters you want to create.

2. Go to the profile page of anybody who you want to put onto a filter or take of a filter, and follow the link named "Grant Access" or "Modify Access". This will take you to a page which, among other things, lists all your filters with individual check boxes where you can specify which filters the person should be in.

3. Repeat for everybody that you want to include in a filter - by default a new created filter includes nobody so each person you want to include needs to be done.

Yes, this is a crappy hack of a workaround and nobody thinks it's a long term solution, but it's better than nothing for now.

Do you have ideas as to how the Manage Filters page could be arranged so it's usable by both sighted and blind users and everybody else too? Leave suggestions in comments please!
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