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Anybody know where a product like this can be found?

My roommate is allergic to plastic, which gets in the way of her finding a salt grinder, because apparently every salt grinder she and I have found, no matter what the outside is made of, has plastic gears and/or plastic griding bits, which is ridiculous, really. Why make a salt grinder with a grinding part that is weaker than the material you're grinding? Anyway, she can't use those because little bits of plastic get into the ground up salt.

Does anybody else know where to find a salt grinder that has like, a metal grinder? Granted, she's allergic to lots of metals, too, but metal being stronger than salt means it's unlikely to be a problem the way plastic salt grinders are. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't know where to even begin looking.
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What about using a mortar and pestle to grind the salt? This is one of the most complete guides to using a mortar and pestle that I can find: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Mortar-and-Pestle.
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That's totally what I thought. I mean, it's a bit more effort, but most mortar and pestles are stone, ceramic or toughened glass, so there's no plastic involved.
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This one purports to have a ceramic mechanism: http://amzn.com/B00O8GDRL6
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Hooray for ceramic grinders! I hope it works out!
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We bought my dad a set of super-expensive Peugeot (yes, the car manufacturer) brand salt-and-pepper grinders a few years back; I'm fairly sure that the innards of those are metal - Amazon has some of them. Might be worth a look if the ceramic ones don't work out. They are lovely objects to hold and use, too - I can see how they can get away with those prices!
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I was going to recommend a Peugeot as well — I've had my small wood-bodied pepper mill from them for over a decade and it is a very good one.
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We're glad we looked here. :)

Mainly because we're grying to go as much plastic free as possible, and these sorts of things are good to have around.

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Hey -- I'm glad you got some good answers, and good luck to your roommate!

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Fortunately there are a lot of other communities that cover accessibility and access needs in the wider world! [community profile] disability is probably the most broad in terms of what it covers, although others may have some other suggestions.