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Curious About Testing

Hi everyone. With today being Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I'm curious whether anybody has tested either the main Dw site or their own journals and/or communities with Wave or any of the other automated tools out there? I don't know enough of the technical details of these tools, but based on my personal use case scenario Dw works great. To that end, I'm also curious whether people here prefer the automated testing tools, manual testing or a combination of both. Sorry if this is a repeat.
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Access requests

I'm having a med reaction that's left me exhausted but jittery and sleepless, so I might as well do something productive with the time. It's been a very long time since I asked people for feature or bug requests for accessibility issues.

What do you wish, in a perfect world, dreamwidth would fix or implement? Note that I'm more clueless about cognitive accessibility, magnification, and visual processing, so I especially welcome clarifications on places we fail on those. No request too large or small, as long as it obeys the laws of thermodynamics.
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Modify the sub filter manager to access filter manager layout

The sub filter manager page here at this URL:
doesn't work well with my very large default font size
screen shot link to dropbox

1. Note truncated account names due to narrowness of the scrolling lists.
2. Note account names don't enlarge with rest of fonts.
3. Note very small gutter between lists, makes it hard to fixate on which list I'm selecting

GOOD NEWS! DW already has a page which works much better.

The access filter manager page here at this URL:
is much more usable with my very large default font size
screen shot link to dropbox
The access-filter scrolling lists seem to adjust width (although some account names are still cut off). I am willing to do a bit of horizontal scrolling to have all three lists, which accomplish a lot!

REQUEST: Remodel following layout of access filter manager
a. Double or triple scroll list width (ideally, since you have lots of room, expand to maximum account-name length +5)
b. Don't hard wire font size.
c. Triple or quadruple gutter between "not in filter" and "filter" lists.

Mods, could I have a "large font" or "large print" tag?

Protocol question: should I post this to [site community profile] dw_suggestions
as well?
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Accessibility features in the new release

A few infintesimal things and one bigger thing (and if people know about bits I missed please say).

The big thing: at the request of magnification users, primarily, we now have "skip to main content" links, woo! They are invisible in most cases, but they are the first thing on the page if you use a screen reader or if you tab from the top of the page. They currently only work in site schemed pages (pages that look like the DW home page, not pages that look like reading pages or journals; that's probably coming). Caveats by browser:
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer should just work
  • Safari works if you enable tabbed browsing, from the Safari menu pull down and select “Preferences”, Click on the “Advanced” icon and check the box next to “Press tab to highlight each item on a webpage”. Chrome might have the same issue, I'm not sure.
  • Opera, sadly, cannot work, because of implementation issues.

The two small things are alt text now exists on the dreamwidth logo, and the video direct link has moved out of the outlined placeholder box. I haven't fixed the duplicating link, though, so that's still mostly aesthetic.

There's also some FAQ and doc clarification, which is always an accessibility help.

Also come to think of it there is a real cognitive win in the new feature on the beta create entries page, where if you pick a custom access filter it tells you who is on the filter.
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Accessibility features in the new release

There are a few accessibility improvement in last night's code push, detailed here for your viewing pleasure:

  • The form to submit a support request now has labels so it can be reasonably navigated with a screenreader.
  • The UI used by support volunteers now has improved visual indicators so that it doesn't rely on colors to relay information.
  • The cut tag arrows are now higher resolution and scale properly for people using larger font sizes.

There are also two accessibility *ahem* bugs introduced in last night's code push: the new cut tag arrows don't have a white outline so they are difficult or impossible to see on dark backgrounds, and a fix to the contextual userhead hover to fix coloration in certain styles causes viewing problems in certain other styles. Fixes for both of these will be pushed ASAP.
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Site scheme now has headers for better navigation

As of tonight's code push, entry and reading pages have headers while read in site scheme (example), for better screenreader and other navigation.

Also, as [staff profile] denise mentioned in tonight's news post, we are aware that the new photo hosting doesn't yet have alt text but that is a top priority fix. This is a beta launch, and alt text will come Real Soon Now.
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version 2 Explicit Comment Heirarchy Indicators

Howdy! Thanks to the useful comments on my previous post, I've revised my proposal and inserted it into the DW suggestion generator. Please leave comments and vote in the poll at the [site community profile] dw_suggestions community.

However, that channel doesn't support HTML tags, so I'm duplicating my post here so I can present my case visually as well as in text. so I can present my case visually as well as in text )
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Light-on-Dark Site Scheme Available

We finally have a light-on-dark site scheme available - it's called "Gradation Vertical" and has the site menu up the left side of the screen instead of in a bar across the top, as well as a dark background with light coloured text.

This should be helpful for those who find it easier to read web pages with a dark coloured background!

You can try it out by changing your account's display settings.

If you find any problems with it, please let us know by opening a support request and explaining the problem as exactly as you can. Make sure to tell them about any assistive tech you're using if it's relevant to the problem.

Thanks to [personal profile] branchandroot, who did the light-on-dark scheme. Getting a light on dark version of one of the more horizontally arranged style schemes is also on the agenda in the longer term. Anybody who's interested in helping, or learning how to help, would be very welcome, just leave a comment!

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alt text for user icon heads

Was thinking about the alt text for user icon heads and how we could change them to be better and more natural for screenreaders. I've opened bug 2037; the first comment says:

The userhead icon alt is [info - user] and the community is [info - community].
Change to [user profile] and [community profile] for more natural flow in

I'm trying to check that this is a change that would be useful. A friend of mine who uses a screenreader says that "user profile" and "community profile" would be the best mix of clarity and brevity and that the best thing to do is to make the first word the key word. But I wanted to post here to make sure that I haven't overlooked anything.

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Access filter page

Hi! I'm currently trying to write the FAQ "How do I set up access filters?", and I'm having a hard time doing that without sighted language, so I'd love it if people who use this page with non-visual browsers could help me out.

First, is there any alt/title text using actual words on the "> >" button used to add journals to the filter? The source of the page was most uninformative on that matter (I hate parsing JavaScript; whoever came up with that language should be taken out and shot).

Second, as it stands right now, the FAQ reads as follows:

When making a locked post, you can restrict its access to a subset of your access list.

Go to the Manage Filters page. Create a new access filter and give it a name. Select it in your list of access filters, then select the journals you want to add to that filter from the "Not in access filter" list and add them with the "> >" button.

You can remove journals from the "In access filter" list using the "< <" button.

Is that clear enough, or is there something else I should add? I'm given to understand that the Manage Filters page is very bad from an accessibility point of view, but we have to work with it right now :/

Thank you for your help!

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Accessibility Improvements In DW

I'd like to put together a list of all the stuff in Dreamwidth that's aimed at making us more accessible - so everything from "We have a diversity statement" to "Alt text for user icons" to "comment threads easier to navigate because of semantic HTML" to (eventually) "guides available to teach users to use browser accessibility functions themselves".

I don't think there's a list in one place of all the improvements that have been made which relate in some way to accessibility for any group.

Ones I can think of:

- Alt text for user icons
- Diversity Statement (which goes with "our volunteers care about accessibility")
- "Other" option in gender field
- Layout of HTML in comment threads is semantic now, which makes them easier to navigate with a screen reader and some other accessibility software..
- We've made the format=light and style=mine options more widely known and easier to use by putting them on the navbar.
- Readers have more control over their viewing experience - eg if they don't want the navbar then they can turn it off globally.

What other improvements have people noticed in accessibility while reading and using Dreamwidth?