Apr. 30th, 2009

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Hi! I'm currently trying to write the FAQ "How do I set up access filters?", and I'm having a hard time doing that without sighted language, so I'd love it if people who use this page with non-visual browsers could help me out.

First, is there any alt/title text using actual words on the "> >" button used to add journals to the filter? The source of the page was most uninformative on that matter (I hate parsing JavaScript; whoever came up with that language should be taken out and shot).

Second, as it stands right now, the FAQ reads as follows:

When making a locked post, you can restrict its access to a subset of your access list.

Go to the Manage Filters page. Create a new access filter and give it a name. Select it in your list of access filters, then select the journals you want to add to that filter from the "Not in access filter" list and add them with the "> >" button.

You can remove journals from the "In access filter" list using the "< <" button.

Is that clear enough, or is there something else I should add? I'm given to understand that the Manage Filters page is very bad from an accessibility point of view, but we have to work with it right now :/

Thank you for your help!


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