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Aug. 27th, 2015 10:14 pm
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please tell me that blackberry gin made with maple sugar instead of cane sugar is as good as I think it would be

Fannish Update!

Aug. 27th, 2015 03:56 pm
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1. So I watched Horatio Hornblower: The Fire Ships last night and ok. ok, I understand now. The appeal is entirely different from the books, but watching Hornblower wandering around being Tragically Stern is kind of irresistable, isn't it?

(I got the next drawer down with my random numbers this time, so I guess we're trying Sharpe next.)

2. I realized it had been awhile since I checked the ILL catalog for the trades I'm trying to follow so I did and then I went slightly wild and put seven of them on hold at once:

I reqested Vol. 2 of the GotG run with the lesbian space dragons, Vols. 2 and 4 of Kingyo Used books, Vol. 1 and 2 of the complete Gillen Journey into Mystery, Rocket Racoon, and Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm

I got Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm, Rocket Raccoon, 2 copies of Journey into Mystery Vol 1, two copies of Kingyo Used Books Vol. 4, and a collection of Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon tie-ins.

I.. guess that's a passing grade? you go, Maryland Intercounty ILL, you be you.

Anyway I fully expect to go slightly gaga over Kid Loki again soon, but meanwhile I am reading Kingyo Used books, which is still probably my favorite manga of all manga? It's just a bunch of semi-connected shorts that tell the stories of how various people have had their lives changed by reading old manga, and it's delightful, and I'm sad that four trades is all there is in English.

At lunch I read #23, A Man Ahead of His Time, which is about two old friends who run into each other on the street on one's 60th birthday, and then flashed back forty years. When one of them was a student radical, and was always cajoling the other one into going to riots with him, because "I always fight stronger when you're there", until the first one is like, no, I can't do this any more, violence is not my way, and they go their separate ways, but then over the decades as they grow older they keep meeting again and the one is still quiet and thoughtful and the other still wild and politically passionate and they always feel that connection again, and finally as old men he's like, "I figured it out: you fight too, but the way you fight is by getting me riled up to fight" and the other one just smiles but when he leaves he's still carrying the other one's favorite manga that he's had with him all this time, and I'm just like. you did this to me on purpose, Kingyo Used Books. you are hurting me on purpose.

3. The AU where Enjolras and Grantaire are both dark-horse candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, and keep running into each other at ridiculous podunk events that everybody else had too much pride to attend, that I am writing as punishment every time I forget myself and start to be optimistic about US politics, just hit 5500 words.

Currently they are trapped together in a hot-air balloon. With a Republican.

4. So here is a thought process that happened to me awhile back:
  1. If I ever finish this original story I'm going to submit it under my initials.

  2. Not just because of gender bias! OK partly because of that. But also as a tribute to S.E. Hinton who has the same initials and is awesome.

  3. Not that I know anything about S.E. Hinton as a person except that she's supportive of people writing Ponyboy slash as long as they use condoms, because unsafe sex would be ooc

  4. actually I've never even read The Outsiders, but I remember when my sister's grade read it and all the girls were really into it, and even then I was like "Ponyboy? Really?"

  5. Ponyboy?Really?

  6. It's kind of neat how you can tell which books are still being assigned in high schools because there's always a sudden surge of slash for them at the beginning of the semester.

  7. Man, if I'd had access to slash fandom in high school, I would 100% have been writing The Scarlet Letter OT3

  8. Okay I was anyway, but I didn't have anyone to share it with, and if I'd been in slash fandom and known anybody else cared I'd've been writing negotiated bdsm cuckoldry preistkink ot3

  9. No really it's been fifteen years and basically the only thing I remember about that novel is that it would've totally worked, other than their various psychosexual issues they were all fairly reasonable people when Nathaniel-freaking-Hawthorne wasn't trying to force them along rails into a contrived tragedy.

  10. Also, really Hawthorne? Really?

  11. Can teachers these days still get away with teaching that book without talking about kink?

  12. No but! It would totally work! Like this, see:
    I had to google to remember the names but I still know exactly how the porn would go )
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Aug. 27th, 2015 03:22 am
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Hyperbook, aka e-Vellum. Inspired during - not after, that's not how my mind works - a long read tonight about Ted Nelson's vision of hypertext, minus any of the transclusion, a strange variant of the same commercialized bullshit he otherwise so vehemently rails against (and therefore would tickle companies like Microsoft pink if it were to ever come true).

Internet-connected paper inside a traditional-looking book cover; the cover can have a paper look and feel with thin/flexible silicon undercoating housing the OS, CPU, RAM, wifi adapter, and any other bells and whistles needed to make and keep the book interconnected. Connection is private (tunneled via VPN, proxied?) because I'm no disciple of Mark Zuckerburg's prying-for-profit nor any fan of Window's 10 advanced spying features, nor am I a disciple of today's more nefarious hackers' seemingly infinite, larcenous reach into every facet of our online lives.

Book can be turned on and off just like any computer; off switch completely disconnects. Pages are made out of about the same stuff as US cash; perhaps thinner for a more lightweight experience or perhaps a bit thicker for increased durability. Use of paper threads will vastly increase, irregardless of final paper weight, to strengthen paper and provide on-page interconnectivity, depending on which color thread is being used (a simple visualization to decide: blue threads are for hyperlinks; red threads are for page strength and reinforcement).

It doesn't matter how many pages the book has because as each page is finished you can either stream the next one from its Web resource or else load it straight from on-board cache (this is where the otherwise intrusive and quite dangerous pre-fetch feature that's been around for years, that Mozilla is now turning on by default in Firefox, would finally come in handy, provided the web resource you request your pages from is secure). The book can have one page, a hundred or a thousand. For simplicity and ease of use and recognition it might be nice to standardize around a set number: 300 pops into my head as one possible water line.

The cover and pages would be treated with a ScotchGuard-like finish; the cover would have a thin, flexible, damage-resistant non-conductive metal or metal-like lining to further protect the book.

The advantage of this design is it gives you the old-fashioned book in it's most familiar shape and form while eliminating the need for physical libraries and enabling inline linking on physical book pages. It can also support PDF and similar technologies via its use of threads as links. It's The Book, the book that contains all books while simultaneously containing nothing. When you unwrap it, you pull the plastic shrink wrap off, turn it on, and there's sample books to get you started, but you can delete those once you're ready to get your own books, leaving The Book literally empty except for the first page.

That first page will give you a simple UI to download books and PDFs from the Web and also provide a link to another page, which will hold links to all the books you've downloaded for offline reading, along with links to any books you're still reading via built-in streaming technology. When you look for stuff to read, you'll have the choice to either stream or download your selections. Cache by default/necessity will be huge, because you might want to store a lot of books for offline reading, re-reading or eventual sharing.

The tricky parts are always a) getting the text of any book you stream or download to "print" on paper (I have no idea how to do this - yet - but maybe on my next 3-mile walk or another 300 3-mile walks from now, I'll finally figure that out - I already know it's got something to do with light) and b) getting links on the paper to work - and this book will need working links.

Ideally - say for the PDF-reading portion of it - the book will have a program that scans your streams and downloads in realtime for any links in the HTML; the links will act as pointers for the code to send a signal (is this an electro-magnetic pulse?) to, say, the blue threads in the paper, which will insert the links into the appropriate places in the text. Imagine the blue threads run as many lines to a page as there are lines of words in your chosen book or PDF; then the program simply has to decide where in each blue line the linked word will appear once "printed" and insert the link in exactly that spot.

Basically, including links in the book are about setting a line-height to ensure they become clickable where they should, so it's a problem that's more easily solved than the dilemma of how to print streamed or downloaded text on paper in the first place, which is sort of a Battle Royale if ever there was one. Forget breaking into websites, oh very l33t onez; chances are that will never be as hard as making a single interconnected paper-paged book (even just one prototype!) that actually works. You'd think half these coders would have some can-do and work on something like this rather than steal your credit card info, which has got to be a snore after the 30th victim or so.

If I were Steve Jobs up on the stage (whose amazing marketing skills I will forever admire) I'd sell the book like this: "E-Vellum is the book to end all books. It is ... The Book" *whips it out from behind to thunderous applause/trillions of camera flashes*. "Simple, lightweight, portable, it goes where you want it, feels like what you're used to, and does what you thought it never could do. *dramatic pause* Watch." *some onscreen demos* I'd also give it a better name than e-Vellum (*eyeroll* - or is that iRoll?). And then the audience would throw confetti and I'd become an overnight zillionaire and finally buy Facebook simply so I can shut it down. Thanks for the memories - and maybe for some of those memes - Zuck.

Pushing that daydream aside - because confetti is messy, someone will have to clean it up and I'm not exactly Steve Jobs - I do think if some of the kinks could be worked out - at least on paper and/or in theory - that this might make a great Kickstarter project.

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Oh, look, it's a day that ends in Y, I wrote some Avengers fic. There be more werewolves here. Also this is a Cap/IM Bingo fill for "canon: 616 modern," aka "the square on my bingo card that is the obvious gimme."

The Law Runneth Forward and Back (11798 words) by Sineala
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel (Comics), Marvel 616, Avengers (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Hank McCoy, Carol Danvers, Wanda Maximoff
Additional Tags: Werewolves, Capwolf, Avengers: Red Zone, Fluff, Cuddling & Snuggling, Pining, Cap_Ironman Bingo, Community: cap_ironman, Avengers Vol. 3 (1998)
Summary: It's been three weeks since Tony saved Steve's life at Mount Rushmore, and they're not talking about it. It's going to drive Tony insane. But they've got bigger problems, because Nightshade has turned Steve into a werewolf. Again. And all Steve seems to want is to be near Tony.
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost The closest I get to #nationaldogday is the Doggy Bear on #alphabear.
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Wednesday Reading Meme

Aug. 26th, 2015 02:09 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

Ernest Cline, Armada: Okay. So. I really liked Ready Player One. So did a lot of other people. I liked the whole MMO quest theme and I thought the 80s references were cute, if occasionally obscuring the intended emotional impact. The author seems to have concluded that what people liked were the 80s references, because what he has basically written is a mix of Ender's Game and The Last Starfighter and then slathered it in 80s pop culture. It's not set in the 80s. See, the main character just happens to be obsessed with the 80s because his dad died young and left him his 80s mixtapes. Don't worry, though, he's so good at video games that the secret defense force will ask him to save Earth from the aliens! The part I nearly stopped reading at was when the main character met his Future Girlfriend, and you could tell she was destined to be his girlfriend because she understood his geeky references and she was good at video games too but of course not as good as he was. *rolls eyes* That would be threatening, of course. And of course she was hot. Duh. Just like he deserved. Siiiiiigh. I mean, it didn't consciously say that, but it was definitely... deeply immersed in that mindset.

What I'm Reading Now

Wednesday comics!

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3, Civil War #3 )

What I'm Reading Next

Books? I guess books. I know, I know, I'll read nothing because now I really have to make progress on this fic.

Fuckin' bodies, man

Aug. 26th, 2015 12:24 am
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So I get ingrown hairs/blocked pores/assorted woe, in and around my upper thigh area, generally as a herald that menstrual woe is about to rain down out of my very angry uterus. I have "adjusted", in that I generally no longer hit the ceiling and curse audibly when I notice this, I merely get cranky.

Medical shenanigans. )

Between the well-timed virtual hugs and lunch, I became usefully human, and set about stampeding through my inbox. Whee, work.

We'd been going to meet up with The Other Guy for happy hour or something, but it turned out too many of the assorted other dudes could not make it today. Therefore it was bumped to Friday, and Purple and I left at a not-terrible hour and chatted in the parking lot. A car pulled up; it was Mr. Tux, asking why we were here so late. We redefined "late" for him.

Frustrating issue

Aug. 26th, 2015 01:34 am
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I don't know why, but for some reason lately, Chrome takes about 20 to 30 minutes to load any webpage if I go to it by opening a new tab and typing in the address, or opening a new tab and clicking on one of the Speed Dial links; yet 1. The saved tabs load relatively quickly on startup, and 2. If I open a link on a page in an existing tab into either the same tab or into a new tab ("open link in new tab"), it loads pretty quickly. So if I want to go to, say, LiveJournal in a timely fashion, and I don't have it up already in a saved tab, I have to open the link to my Tumblr blog in a new tab from an existing saved tab, then scroll down and click on "my LiveJournal." And to get to Facebook, I have to open a link to Alex's Tumblr blog from a saved tab and scroll down to click on his Facebook link, then click my name when Facebook loads.

It's very frustrating.

Edit: Oh yeah, and lest I forget, Chrome also now refuses to load any tabs in the background. I have to click on each tab and wait for it to load before going on to the next one and doing the same thing.

Shao'Vara picture

Aug. 26th, 2015 01:20 am
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Picture I drew of one of the Aspects of my primary Deity, Djao’Kain. The Aspect’s name is Shao’Vara. Xe is an Aspect representing Death, Mystery, the Death Mysteries, and the transformative side of death. Xer face is covered by a featureless mask to represent mystery (especially the mystery of the Afterlife) as well as the faceless and uncaring truth of death. Xe is wrapped in a burial shroud (in the culture on Traipah that Xe is from, burial shrouds are black), and the hands holding fire are both torches and symbols of pallbearers; though in that culture, pallbearers don’t carry a body to be buried, they carry it to where the corpse can be liquefied. The liquefied remains are fed to Memorial Trees, which are old-growth trees fed the remains of everyone from a particular family that dies, with plaques installed in their trunks. Those plaques have names, birthdates, and death dates of those whose remains were fed to the tree. Traipah has whole forests full of Memorial Trees, called Memorial Forests.

The three moons of Traipah are also visible in this picture. One is full, two are crescent. One of the crescent moons is tiny, right to the left of Shao-Vara’s head. The paved road is mainly to try to give a sense of perspective. Shao’Vara, wrapped in Xer burial shroud, kneels on a cliff. Not pictured is the ocean the cliff is overlooking, because I didn’t know how to draw that in a way that added to the mystery (or at least did not subtract from it).

I originally wanted to draw Shao’Vara as Xe first appeared to me in a vision, where Xe was nude and emaciated, with one saggy breast and another shriveled up, but I didn’t know how to draw that.

[poem, sort of, I suppose]

Aug. 26th, 2015 12:17 am
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So much is circumstance and happenstance. I'm stuck on trying to convey my sense of wonder at the fact we've made a ritual of that phrase, when what we are boils down to stellar waste suspended temporarily in an astonishing coherency of water (or, smaller still, of space). And yet: we pay a flippant formulaic lip service to chaos; we take comfort from our small familiarity with mundane chance, from our ability to render down the world to form a habit. But that requires practice lest we twist and catch and tear, like clothing on an unexpected nail: so poetry's a habit, and so's love, in that I'll wear them both and through neglect forget how not to stumble on their edges, how not to trip on my own flighty cleverness, how to respect the work required to wholehearted and carelessly believe that I'm alive, in just the way that I forget to breathe and yet keep breathing. Still, it seems that when I slip I stop or stall into this strange intensely awkward vulnerable hope I'd not at all intended to display; yet here I am, and here perhaps I'll learn to find my balance and, having found it, find that I can't stay.

dead dogs

Aug. 25th, 2015 08:20 pm
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I missed the Hugo announcements because I spent all day floating around in [personal profile] lindentreeisle's mom's swimming pool, which was definitely a better life choice, let's face it.

I'm still catching up on liveblogs and stuff, but looking at the numbers that were released, something occurs to me: the puppies may not have been 100% wrong. Because if you look at the nominations numbers, it really does look like a small group of people (~70-100) are all nominating from the exact same relatively small group of works, all of which share the trait that they are very thoughtful about stuff like gender, sexuality, race, imperialism. Whereas when you looked at the other (non-puppy) works nominated, there are a lot more of them, but fewer of them hit that nominations threshhold, because the votes are spread among more works, so they are each less likely to get a nomination.

And the taste of that small group of people, while it isn't entirely different from the tastes of the wider fandom, isn't exactly convergent, either. Just look at some of the stuff that did get wins this year. And the effect is that it almost looks like slate nominations.

I mean, obviously it *isn't* : what it is, is that if you've come to the realization that fiction that isn't deeply thoughtful about stuff like gender, sexuality, race, and imperialism is not good fiction, and especially is not great SFF, because anything else is lazy goddamn worldbuilding, then you still have a WHOLE LOT FEWER stories to pick from. And so there's a lot less less spread in the noms.

And obviously the answer isn't to have a competing slate, because that's a solution to a different problem. The answer is for the Puppies and their friends to make sure there are SO MANY books published every year for the diversity-aware bloc to pick from that their nominations are as spread out as the straight-white-men's nominations.

Get on that, Puppies. Please.

(That might actually happen anyway, if all the people who bought first-time votes this year nominate next year, and nominate a lot of less-printsff-mainstream stuff. We'll see.)
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(Turns out I have at least some friends who haven't heard this particular rant of mine before, and I can't face wading through tags to see if I've had it properly already, so! Here we are. Content notes for everything you'd expect in terms of abuse, medical neglect, medical incompetence, terminal illness, etc.)

Read more... )
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Domestic concerns

Aug. 24th, 2015 12:45 pm
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Rather epic thunder/hailstorm early this morning. Damage seems to be minimal - a few broken daffodils, but the seedlings seem fine. I won't have to water for at least two days, anyhow. There are still snowdrifts of hailstones in the backyard.


I have seedlings! Radishes and kohl rabi and some broad beans and peas. Don't know what else - I can't remember what I planted where, and there are a lot of weeds popping up too. I'll have to wait until things are a bit bigger to sort out what is what.


Have decided that when I've finished weeding own the side path, I'm going to prune the bushes back hard to the fence and underplant with carrots, beetroot and possibly parsnips rather than something decorative. I think the soil is rich enough, and it'll mean I get another edible crop from a bed that up until now has only been decorative (aside from the rosemary).

Also going to plant the bed under the front lounge room window that has previously just had wood sorrel in it with potatoes. These are all things that can be planted next month, so I'll do that in the next few weeks.


Doing well at clearing out my inbox - only 25 unread left. In reality, there's a lot more than that to go through, but I've cleared ao3 notifications back to july '14, which is really good, and I've got under fifty tabs open right now. I've been reading through a lot of the shorter stuff (under 10K) and clearing them quickly, but today I'm going to focus on the longer ones, since they've been piling up. End result is I have a huge recs post for August. So much good stuff, guys, you're gonna love it.


I have two knitting things to make - first, I'm making the Failynn Fox Cowl for Em's brother's partner's mother on commission. I'll be doing it in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8ply held double, since the pattern is written for some superbulky mostly acrylic yarn that you can't get out here, anyway.

The second thing I'm making is a baby gift for [personal profile] alisso's brother's new baby, due any day now. As per usual, I'm making it to grow into, and as something that will last for several years. I tend to make Bloom because I adore it, but I made that for her older sister, so I'm making the Lizzy Dress, which is the same style of garment but a different design.

Also, must decide what to make Brother2 for his accidental baby No.3. Sheesh. I'm thinking maybe a baby blanket in cotton. I've made jumpers and things for their kids before, and they've felted them, so a baby blanket in cotton is something they should have a harder time wrecking. No idea what gender they're having yet; it's too early to tell, but I tend towards non-gender-specific colours, anyway. Maybe I'll use the royal purple and yellow I had put aside for myself rather than buying something new. And the sooner I knit it, the chances are I won't have to post it to another state, which is cheaper again. That may sound miserly when it's my relation, but these people do not have a good track record where knitting is concerned. One more washing incident and I think they're gonna be ruled not knit-worthy. After I finish their nativity scene, that is. Only the wise men to go.


Goals for today - at least one load of dishes, and maybe clean a shelf of the pots&pans unit. Also, I need to make more muesli.

Femslashex letter 2015

Aug. 23rd, 2015 05:26 pm
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Thanks in advance for drawing or writing for me! Let me just say right now that despite the various prompts and ideas I'll be tossing out there for each of my fandoms, you don't have to stick to any of them. They're just ideas since, as a writer, I know I have an easier time if my assignment provides ideas. So feel free to ignore them all and just write or draw whatever you want as long as it's about a pairing I requested. And not one of my DNWs, of course. I swear I am not picky.

Read more... )
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If it was, say, late at night, and you were trying to wind down before sleep, and you crossed your bedroom in the dark, and you happened to trip and step on a ring-binder you were using to store perfume vials and which happened to be on the floor because of reasons, and you heard the surprisingly-loud crunch of a tiny glass vial breaking and spilling its contents over the ring-binder, the floor, several books, and your bedroom in general -- what would be the absolutely worst perfume for that to be?

Skilful readers of this DW and my comments elsewhere may be able to deduce what I just broke -- oh god it's still on my hand I can smell it even through the heavy perfume I put on top after the three hand-washings and alcohol spray -- but I am actually curious about what other people's personal worsts would be.

I am afraid of what this is going to do to my dreams.

(Given past experience with this perfume, that's not actually really a joke.)


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