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As of July 18:

XFINITY Bundled Services
Internet Plus Includes Limited Basic note: that's Expanded Basic, HBO, Streampix, a standard definition digital converter note: that's an HD/DVR/DVD converter and remote for the primary outlet and Performance Internet Promotional Rate.
Promotional Rate for 12 months $ 44.99

Additional XFINITY TV Services
Addl Outlet $ 0.00
Digital Converter $ 0.00
Digital Adapter Additional Outlet $ 0.00
Digital Adapter Additional Outlet $ 1.99

Additional XFINITY Internet Services
Modem Rental $ 8.00 note: this charge will eventually be credited
Additional Products & Services
Service Protection Plan $ 3.95
Other Charges & Credits
In-Home Service Visit $ 39.95
note: this charge got credited
Install Fee In-Home Service fee $ 0.00
Broadcast TV Fee $ 1.50
Taxes, Surcharges & Fees $ 7.24

Grand Total $ 107.62 67.67

As of yesterday (new email from Comcast showing recent "changes"):

XFINITY Bundled Services
Starter Double Play Includes Digital Starter with HBO and Streampix with access to On Demand Programming and Blast Internet Promotional Rate.
Promotional Rate for 12 months $ 89.99 (not $44.99 like above)

HD Technology Fee $ 9.95 (new charge, never before seen)
Additional Outlet HD/DVR (Includes HD Technology Fee) $ 17.95 (new charge, never before seen)
Additional XFINITY TV Services
Addl Outlet $ 0.00
Additional XFINITY Internet Services Speed Increase Blast! Internet Promotional Rate. Promotional Rate for 24 months $ 0.00
Digital Converter $ 0.00
Digital Adapter Additional Outlet $ 0.00
Digital Adapter Additional Outlet $ 1.99

Additional XFINITY Internet Services
Modem Rental $ 8.00
Other Charges & Credits
In-Home Service Visit $ 39.95 (and without my consent they've removed the $3.95-a-month Service Protection Plan, as well, so now I'm supposed to pay for this visit? Is THAT how it works?)
Install Fee In-Home Service fee $ 0.00
Other Charges & Credits Broadcast TV Fee $ 1.50
Taxes, Surcharges & Fees $ 12.23
Grand Total $ 141.61

So if that comes to "just" $141.61 then what comes to $251, you ask? Why, the actual bill does, of course! It has all those charges plus two more for boxes we never ordered or got at $9.95 each and the fact that it looks like they show my last $105 payment as received but never credited it. There is $10 or so missing somewhere either in their favor or mine but basically that accounts for most of the differences I can see between the $67 bill I was expecting this month and the $251 bill I actually got.

Just ask Comcast! These fuckers have ALL the answers.

things making me cranky right now

Aug. 21st, 2014 04:09 pm
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being stuck in the backup chair

my typing speed (mouse + non-dominant hand + onscreen keyboard = ~10wpm at best with high error rate; it took *19 minutes* to type out this entry)


lack of sufficient pain meds

my left hand going numb if I sit wrong


this stupid story that is 1/4 of the minimum needed, is crappy, and bears no association with canon

the fact that I am going to disappoint the recipient of said story

my insecurities




ETA said fuck-it to actually being anything close to sensible, and had cheesecake for dinner. Because sometimes, that is the answer.

LonCon panel notes: What's in a name?

Aug. 21st, 2014 10:30 pm
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Brief - hands didn't like me much!

Aaaand that's me done, because I'm not posting my notes for What is I?, because I gave up in disgust and left early it was so bad.

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This was great, but again my laptop ran out of battery power partway through. The thing that really got to me about LonCon in contrast with OSBridge (... aside from the bit where OSBridge was actually better at inclusivity, by and large) was that unlike OSBridge LonCon3 didn't have extension cables everywhere so people could charge during talks.

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This is one where I got bored of everyone being white dudes and rapidly stopped typing.

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Poor Aesop, she's looking at permanent retirement: she's never played video smoothly even with all her hardware maxed out to specs supported by the motherboard (currently, that's 2GB of RAM, a 1.74GHz single core processor, a 232GB hard drive that could be bigger but meh, who cares, and she's not running a slave right now because I'm using an external hard drive as a file server so just why bother).

So in the last two weeks we've had these new and exciting issues with Comcast: the DVR that comes with our On Demand TV suddenly stopped working one night for no discernible reason but we were both so damn tired of calling Comcast that we just stopped watching TV for a week or so. When we did finally call them, maybe 3-4 days ago, it turned out they had to reset some kind of code for it. That is becoming quite the theme around here, as you will see.

Even before that I'd noticed our Internet speed had dropped from the moment the amplifier was added on weeks ago. Dropped. It made the TV work better and the Internet speed much worse, or so it seemed. We were so damn tired of calling Comcast by then that when my fiance finally called to have the DVR problem fixed the Internet issue was not even mentioned. Then a "customer care specialist" (one of the Retention guys; I hate them with a passion that makes me do the craziest fucking things, like start Anti-AOL?) called me two days ago to see how everything was going. Did I want to upgrade? Oh, he could see that I could upgrade both my TV and my Internet RIGHT NOW! Wowzer bowzer! How about we get started on that? OK: I practically need a Valium to jot down the next paragraph because my hands are shaking just recalling this snake oil salesman's oil slick of "let's get going" rah-rah buy buy buy mad upselling skillz...

"I'm not interested", I said, cutting him off mid-sale.
"But I see here we can definitely upgrade you from 25MBs per second on your connection speed and expand your TV package! So why not let's let's get started on that!"
"OK..." *nervous chuckle* "Uh, OK, so you're not interested in the best XFinity has to offer and having faster Internet and better TV. I can upgrade you right now! Yes, I see that I can do that for you this minute!"
"Look, of course I'm interested in having faster Internet and better TV. Who isn't interested in that? But if I upgrade it won't be for free. You're going to charge me MORE MONEY and I don't have MORE MONEY to give you guys right now. Is that...clear enough?"
"Well, if you want to talk about money, you're paying ...what? You have a pretty expensive package right now, what with the Internet Blast and your TV package, you're paying $251 a month for it?" [ETA: turns out that was technically what I was charged this month for the same thing I've been getting]
"Uh, I said you're uh, you're paying...?"
"No, I can assure you I'm not paying $215 a month for it. It might be a $215 a month package, I don't doubt that. But the thing is, I've had such horrible service from Comcast and such a broad range of problems with the service - everything from the wrong cable laid in my driveway which is still there to this day to billing problems to constant connection interruptions to slow Internet speeds to problems with the TV signal to problems with the techs that I get my package at a steeply discounted rate to make up for all the trouble we've had with Comcast over the last year. I've had basically nothing but problems with you guys from Day One."
"Huh, well, I, I...I'm sorry to hear that. I uh, is there, uh, anything else I can help with today? Are you still having any problems?"
"Yes, the Internet has been slow since the day the amplifier was installed a few weeks ago, which was done because a contractor lied the same morning about not having the RG11 cable we were supposed to have from day one but never got and gave us new RG6 instead. And our DVR was not working correctly until earlier this week when we called and got them to send it a code it needed to work properly again."
"So you're saying you got the package with the DVR just last week?"
"No, I'm not. We've had the package for a few months. The DVR stopped working within the last few weeks, but it only got fixed last week. The Internet speed still needs fixing but I am so damn tired of calling Comcast I just haven't bothered trying to get you guys to look at that, too."
"Huh, well I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm sorry you've had so many problems with Comcast...but uh, is there anything else I can do for you today?"
"No, not right now."
"OK, well, thank you for choosing Comcast and..."
"Wait! Can you answer a question for me?"
"Sure, I'll try."
"I uh...did you just say a little bit earlier that my service includes Internet Blast? Did you say that?"
"Yes, yes, I did."
"So it says on your screen that I get Internet Blast as part of my package, right?"
"Yes, it does."
"Well, no one's ever told me that before and I'm not getting Internet Blast speeds. Internet Blast is a minimum of 50mbps, right? Is that correct?"
"Yes, it can be as low as 50mbps or as high as 105mbps."
"Huh, well, I'm only getting 25mbps. I'll have to talk to your tech support about that, too, I guess."
"It could be your modem", he averred. "Looking here it says you have a DOCSIS 2.0 modem."
"Oh no I don't. We have the latest Xfinity modem that supports DOCSIS 3.0. I know that for a fact."
"Well according to the information I have here, ma'am, you have a modem that only supports DOCSIS up to 2.0."
"Well, is your screen telling you what kind of modem that is? Because that sounds like the info for my old modem, not the one I have now."
"No, It doesn't give me that info, it basically just tells me what version of DOCSIS your modem can support."
"If I read you the model number on the modem can you confirm that for me? That this Xfinity modem only supports DOCSIS 2.0?"
"Sure, I can try", he said, but the modem didn't have a discernible model number and there was no other way for us to put together exactly what the hell his screen was talking about, so he thanked me again for choosing Comcast and we hung up.

That night the fiance called Comcast again because our Internet connection got knocked out so we needed a refresh signal; after that issue was fixed he got two appointments set up: one to re-lay the RG11 cable that never got laid in the first place, another to have a tech come out and figure out why we're getting 25mbps instead of 50mbps. Oh, joy.

Today was the big day but the contractor never showed up to lay the cable. The tech came this afternoon, though, right on time. After I explained how I pay for but don't receive Internet Blast he checked our signal and ascertained it wasn't the issue despite RG6 cable in use on a huge patch of land that by all rights should have RG11 and despite how I noticed the signal dropped by 3-5mbps immediately after the amplifier was installed. The tech assured me it's not the amplifier, it's not the cable, and that my signal is more than sufficient to get all the speed we could want or need. So guess what the problem is?

"Yeah, it's not any of those things. What we're looking at is a ...uh, we call it an issue with the code."
"A rate code issue", I said, having been around this block before.
"Yeah, exactly. I'll need to call Comcast and have them reprovision the code and roll it back for you."

He got that done in under 5 minutes. My fiance tore apart his computer last week to use his own parts to fix someone else's rig and hasn't bothered to put it all back together but it's the only decent computer we have, so we had to test the new connection speed on my computer, good old Aesop; sure enough the speed still came up at just 22-23mbps. I was genuinely puzzled and thought maybe the rate code voodoo simply hadn't worked, not an unexpected outcome considering just how much stuff Comcast routinely fucks up. But the tech thought otherwise.

"Maybe your hard drive is shot." If my computer tech fiance had been here there's a good chance he wouldn't have even wanted to live through his response. I know I'd rather crawl under a rock than have it directed at me. I also know that "maybe your hard drive is shot" is not a suitable answer to "why your Internet speed is taking an awfully huge crap". Before I could get into how your hard drive's health isn't really capable of controlling your Internet speed, though, he asked if I had a laptop.

So I hooked my tiny little Lenovo notebook up to the Ethernet and surprise, surprise, we get 50-60mbps down now, so all is well - that is, except for old Aesop. After I publish this - a post I'm writing on Aesop because she never breaks down and always does what she can, because if computers were humans this one would have a heart of gold, the willpower of a monk and the strength of a horse - I'm going to reinstall XP on her one last time and see if that solves the connection speed problem. And I'm going to start saving up for a new computer whether it does or not. Poor fucking Aesop.

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post-tags: instagram, crosspost The #sunrise this morning was amazing.


Aug. 20th, 2014 09:28 pm
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Just a quick note: through some combination of magical finances and sheer determination, I am going to be on the right and proper coast (aka New England) from 25-30 September. I'll be in Albany visiting my grandmother for the weekend, and will have the bookend time in Boston. I will let folks know more details about plans etc when I have them hammered out a bit more. I suspect that there will be a group dinner somewhere gluten- and fish-free, but I'm not sure what day that'll be happening. Probably Thursday.

Anyway, consider yourselves notified!


Aug. 20th, 2014 05:40 pm
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12:30 last night, power goes out. My bed is an alternating air pressure mattress that requires electricity, and the powered-off state is completely deflated -- and without air, it’s a really hard uncomfortable mattress. Plus the pillow setup I have propping me in position works okay for the inflated setup but was all wrong for deflated. Between various things, my right hip and right knee (and left knee to a lesser extent) were in complete agony. And I couldn’t even watch Netflix as a distraction, because my net connection requires power.

Power came back on... at 6:30.

I still hurt, and I am utterly exhausted because I probably got four hours total of very crappy sleep.

Yeah, thanks, universe, I needed that on top of everything else :P

Wednesday Reading Meme

Aug. 20th, 2014 08:30 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

Nancy Varian Berberick, Shadow of the Seventh Moon and Panther's Hoard: [personal profile] island_of_reil loaned me these; they're Dark Ages fantasy, just post-Arthur, and the main character is a dwarf. The writing is really lovely; it reminds me a lot of Sutcliff, except maybe with more Old English thrown in, and the plots had this whole divided-loyalties thing going on.

M. G. Balme & J. H. W. Morwood, Cupid & Psyche: An adaptation of the story in The Golden Ass of Apuleius: Finally finished reading this! It's a student adaptation with a commentary, glossary, etc etc, and it was a large amount of fun, especially because I had forgotten most of the myth and kept yelling PSYCHE PSYCHE HOW ARE YOU SO STUPID at it. Also I had completely forgotten that she'd gotten her sisters killed.

What I'm Reading Now

*gestures about journal* Gee, I dunno, there might be some comics. Maybe. Maybe they have Tony Stark in them.

(I do like other characters too, honest! I have just... been reading a lot of Tony lately. I keep meaning to actually read Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel because I am sure I will love them but I don't know how much of Carol's back issues I should actually be reading and whether it's worth reading the old skeevy-sounding alien rape stuff or what.)

What I'm Reading Next

This book Lysimache kindle-loaned me that I don't remember the name of. Historical m/m romance with Saxons in forbidden looooooove with each other. Because, well, yes.


Aug. 20th, 2014 05:26 pm
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I'm not against sports. I just don't think they have any business being in our education system, as they are an expensive waste of time that contributes nothing of any value to the education of kids. All they do is take money and attention away from important things like art and music education, teach children that athleticism is more important than intelligence or creativity, distort the self-worth of kids by making it dependent on their skill at sports, cause people to value athletes and coaches hundreds of times more than the teachers charged with educating our children, and teach kids that they can get away with anything from cheating to rape as long as they're good enough at some pointless physical activity to be considered a "star."
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If you are following me on Tumblr I am very sorry and am apparently going to continue to have New Avengers feelings over here too. My feels are too vast to be contained merely by reblogging things. Because, see, now I own a copy of NA #23. And a free-with-purchase glow-in-the-dark Original Sin rubber ball shaped like the Watcher's disembodied eye, which upon reflection is rather macabre. Also I am wearing my shiny new "beaten shield" Cap shield, which while I am continuing to reflect on things I have realized is also sad.

I have an embarrassing quantity of Tony Stark feels today. I am very sorry. No, wait. I am kind of embarrassed, but actually not sorry.

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I skipped transcribing most of Ellen Kushner's contributions because, right, it got to the point where she said a thing and I growled so loudly about the racism that everyone sitting near me collapsed in giggles. Also, if you've caught me complaining about the guy who described himself as a "straight white male" and "the prototypical reader"? Yeah, that was this one. However, if you ignore whitey it was a proper fantastic panel.

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poem seeking

Aug. 20th, 2014 12:20 pm
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Do y'all have favorite poems for hope in bleak times? Calls to action or just seeing glimmers of light?

I need something to stave off constant rage blackout.

ETA: My usual goto is Gerard Manley Hopkins, "Carrion Comfort"

Carrion Comfort by Hopkins )
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So I am attempting to write early-canon Avengers fic and in the course of my fic research it has become necessary to read up on the history of Things That Have Happened To Tony Stark's Chest. I knew at some point the initial situation went from "Tony must wear the chestplate of his armor at all times, hidden under his clothes" to "Tony has an artificial heart that is still unreliable."

So I eventually figured out what issues this story was in, and read them, and somehow ended up liveblogging them to #cap-im ([community profile] cap_ironman's IRC channel) because apparently early Iron Man is ~amazing~ in this completely overwrought tragic emo way and it is both hilarious and beautiful. And also the channel hadn't read them either. I meant to actually write fic tonight but somehow this happened instead.

Therefore I figured I would spam you all with my dramatic IRC transcript (me only because I wasn't going to ask anyone else if I could quote them) liveblogging of That Time Tony Got An Artificial Heart, because why not? It involves sad angst in the rain, dramatic irony, identity porn to the degree of "Tony is pretending to be a villain pretending to be Tony who is wearing the original Iron Man suit but of course everyone is wondering where the real Iron Man is because everyone knows Tony isn't Iron Man, duh!" and, uh, saving the day by making out with Madame Masque.

After all, it's not like you were Iron Man or anything! )

I love this canon; it's beautiful. For, uh, certain very specific definitions of "beautiful."

Also, while I am rhapsodizing about emo Tony Stark, have a MCU Tony gen vid rec: Expo, by lim. It is shiny and new and excellent and I generally always enjoy her vids and it's just really really cool.
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Purple's reaction to Kat's suggestion about the rice paper word scramble, divided between bakeries, was pure crowing delight.

phone was grumbling about the state of the espresso machine and how people don't clean the steam wand. Somehow, and I'm not entirely clear on how, this briefly turned into an Infocom-style text adventure based in the kitchen.

My manager is back! I told her the tale of the Fellow vs. Helpdesk, and the runaround that involved three business days, and one business weekend. Including the part where if you didn't know who he was already, you couldn't look up who he was via the usual tools, because his login was that hosed. Though if you knew who his manager was (a C-level exec) you could find him that way... I also told her about the lunch during which "one of my boys" had sat a table over from some dude.

It turns out that I have more patience for this system than my manager, who basically just wants it to go away quietly, or otherwise cease to cause her trouble.

My headset has been acting up, and redialing Kat instead of the last person called (Nora).
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A couple days ago I got some olive tapenade hummus even though it has garlic in it, thinking "Why not? It's not like I've been having normal BMs lately anyway, no matter how hard I've tried." I got it to eat with chicken veggie stuff I love. Used to make it with taco seasoning or other spices, now though, I make it with poultry seasoning and fresh basil and oregano. Good stuff. Cooked in peanut oil because peanut oil has a lower smoke point than olive oil. Amy also says olive oil makes stuff taste bitter, but she could smell an ant fart from a mile away, so I'm sure that affects how things taste for her. This batch of the chicken veggie thing, I used up a fuckton of the garden zucchini, also it has celery (for added fiber) and mushrooms. Spread some hummus in a tortilla or other flatbread, put the chicken veggie mixture in there, and make a sort of burrito out of it, yummy stuff!

Anyway, despite the hummus having garlic in it... either I was wrong about not being able to have garlic, or something in the hummus counteracts the garlic, because well... the last few days, the end results of my food have been the most normal they've been in ages. TMI ) So... maybe that means I should eat more hummus? I'm going to continue to do so for a while, to test the theory. So today I got more olive tapenade hummus, and also some more celery, in case it's the celery doing good things. Or in case it's the combo of the two.

Anyway, good to know that I seem to be able to have hummus. That was one thing I would have missed a lot.
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Moderator Michael R Underwood, also featuring Zen Cho (Malaysia + London), Ian McDonald (Northern Ireland, just outside Belfast) Francis Knight, Yen Ooi (grew up in same area as Zen, moved to London for uni, lived in Tokyo for 2.5 years), Candas Jane Dorsey (Canadian city)

Read more... )

[... and then my laptop died and I stopped transcribing. And that's as many panel notes as I'm going to post today, in the interests of not flooding you all!]


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