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Jul. 28th, 2014 09:27 pm
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Last night I spent some time hitting random xkcd comics to calm down before bed. And I discovered that when you hover over xkcd 609 to get the hovertext, the image turns out to be a link. To TVTropes.

And that's how I stayed up until 7:54am on a day when I had to leave for therapy at 2pm.[*]

But at least I learned how to say "Only joking. Not really. Are we still friends?" in Lojban.

[*] Not really. There was also the knitting. And the fanfic. And a POI episode. And planning the week ahead. And the three hours cooking meals for the next two days. And the supermarket trip to buy the groceries for that cooking. And writing in my paper journal. And lurking on IRC and getting my Dreamhack set up again so I can get back to dev. TVTropes is for amateur procrastinators.

...prettiest of pretty kitties

Jul. 27th, 2014 09:42 pm
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I am having a really intense I-miss-Suri-dammit moment.

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Jul. 27th, 2014 09:09 pm
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I have my scanner out tonight.

I have also put all of the sheet music I own* into a spreadsheet, so here is your limited-time offer: until I go to sleep tonight, anybody who wants can request one song off that list and I will scan it for them. Enjoy!

Sheet Music Index

I suggest using full-text search if you want to find a certain song, there's almost 4000 entries in the list. It's heavily skewed toward old standards/broadway and pop/folk music from 1979 and before, because that's what you get when you shop at yard sales for it. Highlights include: a bunch of "buy war bonds!" sheet music from the early '40s, the complete Tom Lehrer collection, Donald Swann's settings of the songs of Tolkien.

...no I am not good enough to play most of this. I am a ridiculous person.

* that's not actually all of it, I haven't put in some of the fake books or the any of the hymnal collection yet. or any of the stuff printed off the internet. or most of the stuff in the lesson books, or most of the clarinet/sax/flute/organ music. but it's most of it.

moment by moment

Jul. 27th, 2014 11:30 pm
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On Friday evening we sat on a fifth-floor balcony under darkening skies with cheese and bread and fig jam and alcohol. I dangled my legs through the railings and admired the railings across the way. We talked and talked and talked some more. I gave him the selected works of Neruda I'd picked up in the branch of Foyles at St Pancras on my way over; I note with sadness that it shuts at the end of the month. (Still in England, barely outside London, the train passed a field of red double-decker buses that had been put out to pasture.)

On Saturday we ate at an intriguing vegetarian restaurant recommended by a friend (welcome to identify yourself in comments, just wasn't sure whether you'd be okay w/ naming <3) who was very kind about texting back & forth enthusiastically over the course of the morning. The afternoon we spent at the Louvre, where I was very fond of dragons and the cuticles/lines on a Nisus&Euryalis; and there was a tiny gallery of watches about which I was very excited because there was actually a set-up I'd never seen before -- watches with inbuilt sundials + compasses, presumably so that when they wound down/went too badly out you could establish the time in order to correct them! (Really, really excited - I've visited enough horology galleries to be genuinely surprised to come across styles of timepiece I haven't met before.) Said gallery also featured a very nice implementation of the hourglasses-displaying-subdivisions thing -- instead of a rack of 3-4 hourglasses to be turned simultaneously, it was a column of glass blobs that (one infers) emptied sequentially on the quarter hour. AND there was a gallery of scientific instruments and tiny portable armillary spheres, which always make me happy.

In addition there's currently a formal-gardens competition going on -- Notre Dame and a few other associated places seem to have decided on a theme of "The Illusion", by which they mean they've dumped a bunch of 5' tall mirrors in flowerbeds, which is fascinating if slightly creepy.

AND in the EVENING, after a route home via the confusingly-named Luxembourg park that to its credit contained an excellent brass band, we had EIERSCHWAMMERL. I was staggeringly excited to find them at the shop round the corner from P's, because they are very difficult to get hold of in any appropriate form at any appropriate price in the UK, but I got to do all the appropriate things with respect to frying them in butter with garlic and then drowning them in parsley, and lo it was good :-) (At same said stall I was delighted to find that at least in some parts of France the thing I would call Zwetschke is a questche! Not sure which way the etymology goes but will have a go at hunting it down.)

And then TODAY I slept a lot and then feasted well for breakfast (both mornings P popped to the bakery around the corner and returned with a bag of fresh croissant & pain au chocolat while I murbled around still being asleep in bed; it was great) and eventually we left the house; we walked past bookshops & coffee shops & through parks & the Musee d'Armee (nice dome!) & paused to eat fresh bread & fig jam & Selles-sur-Cher, which is my favourite goat cheese and much more readily available in France than in the UK; and ended up at the Musee d'Orsay, where I fell in love with the giant clock faces as architectural features on the top floor and also suddenly got the point of art galleries in front of le jardin de Monet, les iris -- or at least, I suddenly understood why someone might want to just sit and stare at a painting for hours. Additionally: lots of very nice stuff in the Art Nouveau exhibits, and once we got chucked out we hung around on the bank of the Seine to see the Tour de France go past -- P sort of felt he ought to, and so did I, as I'd ignored it in both Cambridge and London and it was right there and due to go by pretty much as the museum was closing...

... and that, having skipped over a fair amount of the intervening raspberry-and-pistachio-ice-cream, was that; I waved at the Centre Pompidou, managed through cunning overscheduling to fail to make it to Etat Libre d'Orange's flagship shop, for which my wallet no doubt thanks me, exclaimed with delight over a very great deal of architecture and a large number of flowerbeds, was delighted to come face-to-face with ponies, swore a lot about how much I hate people, was very glad I'd taken the wheelchair with me, and ate cherries. I continue impressed by how thoroughly pleasant it is to travel by Eurostar with chair - flat rate gets you business lounge & business premier & actually genuinely tasty food on board, so! I was happy and will do the thing again in the future.

Yes. Good weekend. No work, lots of reading of books, good company. Good.
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Remember my bogglement yesterday at a picture of Karl Urban's face needing a trigger warning? Well, today, I received an explanation:

“Some people are uncomfortable with pictures depicting faces looking at them. It’s a recognized phobia, and tagging for it allows people with this phobia to be able to be on tumblr and control their exposure to what triggers their phobia.”

Well, okay, but…how does putting a trigger warning for the creeping horror of a face help when tags are usually posted at the BOTTOM of a post, which means that the face-phobic person would have to…scroll by the horrifying face to reach the ostensible warning meant to protect them?

Really, if people looking at them in pictures is so anxiety-inducing as to necessitate trigger warnings, then maybe Tumblr is not the platform for them.
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Rosemary focaccia for @farmandfable Cookbook Club. L-R: tries 1, 2, 3.

I Hope Next Week Goes Better

Jul. 27th, 2014 11:10 am
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They accidentally called in two people last night, so I went home. It was a good thing, because my chest was feeling tight (I thought that meant a coughing fit was coming, except it never came, it just was tight and difficult to breathe.) The inhaler didn't help much. I was desperate enough almost to try to go to the gym and use the sauna and stream room, but decided against it in case it turned into a breathing emergency, since Dad was home so I had a ride to the ER if it became necessary. If I had been at work last night, it would have sucked. I feel a lot better today, though (when I finally could breathe better and fell asleep, I slept like ten hours.) They put me on the very end of the week next week, too, so I'll have time to get over these last feelings of breathing difficulty, hopefully.

Assuming this illness hasn't triggered adult-onset asthma. Which given last night, I'm slightly suspicious it might have. There's literally no congestion right now; I have no idea why my body's doing this to me. I feel a lot better than last night though. I still feel like I need to cough, but my chest doesn't feel tight.

It's also going to suck having missed so many unplanned empty work weeks because obviously I need money and planned to be back by this long, but... Even though work can tick me off because I work harder than most others*, it would bother me to do shitty work. Like. Even if I think my wage should be higher given my normal consistency. Which I don't even blame my supervisors for, because I know they're supervisors being supervised by higher supervisors. Which is part of why I would hate going into a shift knowing I was going to do shitty work. Though I do maintain that if I'm there next year I'm going to demand a higher raise because I am one of their hardest workers, I am typically one of their best night staff, and even with the mess that was last week I'm normally one of their top call-in people. I should definitely have basically full marks on all their raise material.

And right now my work can be mostly normal... Or I may turn into a tight-chested wheezing mess. Last night was the latter, but I really think this thing's on its last legs.

*It's not like I don't sympathize with them, too. Like, I get mad because it sucks for me, but I understand they're also victims caught in a corporate-capitalistic society that doesn't recognize their worth which is a lot of why work morale and work ethic get degraded in the first place. After all, if they had full-time work at $15/hour, they probably would work a fuck-ton harder.
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One thousand three hundred and ninety-seven words.

According to Tumblr culture, this picture merits a trigger warning.

a day or something

Jul. 26th, 2014 02:42 am
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Meeting happened, reasonably well attended. The gesticulating project manager complimented us on our organization skills as I passed around the pens & post-its.

PayPal saga may have concluded. The things I do for the complicated accessibility situation.

Purple was out of the office today.

My dad called as I was packing up for the day. I told him about the helpdesk occurrence. He quite sharply said that he had been taught that when a woman says stop, you stop.

Nora and I plotted vigorously. A character named possibly Fred (Phredd?) occurred. Plus his genderfluid fabulous government employee partner. Meet-cute being arrested (and not) for gender-biased, cissentialist, bureaucratic, and petty, notions of indecent exposure. Read more... )

A quick note on mobility

Jul. 26th, 2014 10:19 am
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Over the course of this DLA application, I have over and over again caught myself thinking oh, but my walking is so much better than it was last time I applied, what do?!

And the answer is: actually, that assertion's bullshit on at least two counts. Namely:

(1) none of my DLA award was for my physical mobility impairments
(2) the reason my walking appears to be so much better is that I have a wheelchair. This means I'm not walking (so much) even when I really shouldn't be, which means I'm less tired & more capable on "good" days.

In conclusion: mobility aids are great, and I still need to write the essay about how I got over myself enough to start using them.

First set of BPAL reviews!

Jul. 26th, 2014 05:15 pm
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Reviews of varying insight. Miskatonic University, Lights of Men's Lives, Olokun, Alecto. I am reviewing these at the behest of a friend I may have lured into BPAL. Oops. Anyway, I talked these reviews at her, and I'm collating them here. I get a lot of imagery off scents, I'm finding. Vivid, vivid imagery.

reviews under the cut! )


I Smell Manflesh

Jul. 26th, 2014 12:56 am
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Nine hundred and eighty words.

I saw Hercules today because The Rock. There was also unexpected bonus Rufus Sewell. MMMmmm.

Did I mention The Rock?

Then I went to the grocery store to stock up for the weekend. Next weekend is the con, so I'm going to rest as much as possible until then.

Reading in dreams

Jul. 25th, 2014 07:50 pm
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I have a friend who tells me she can't read in dreams, not really; everything is nonsense, squiggly lines, and the dream sense of Just Knowing Things translates the nonsense for her. When she told me this, I was fascinated, because when I read in dreams, it's actual words. Actual letters arranged in words, and those words are arranged intelligently. In fact, last night I was dreaming I was talking with this beautiful black woman, and she wanted my email address, and I pulled out a business-card type card, but I could plainly see it had my old Yahoo address on it, and I was writing out the new one when this creeper guy tried to hone in on our budding lesbian relationship with his creepiness.

I've even had dreams where I was reading Spanish. Mind you, that's reading Spanish about as well as I can in real life, but I remembered the sign I was reading well enough upon awaking that I recognized some of the words as actual Spanish words. Whether the sign made any sense or not, I dunno. My Just Knowing Things dream sense couldn't be arsed to translate the sign for me, so it was just like running into such a sign in real life.

Oh yeah, and I've had dreams where I'm reading things on Tumblr or LiveJournal before. Sometimes I'll remember a dream Tumblr post as a real one for a bit before I'm like, "Oh yeah, that was a dream."

But yeah, my ability to read in dreams contributes to the paranoia I get if I ever have those hyper-realistic dreams with realistic colors and details. Luckily, though, I haven't had one of those in months.


Jul. 26th, 2014 02:12 am
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I'm living with my parents again.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. :/


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