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Oh, what a day, night?

Well, on a positive note, a shout out to my dear friend Beth, girl, I want to wish you a happy wonderful birthday!

I hope it is filled with joy and happiness and you are spoilt a little today girl XXX

BTW, if you visit your FB account, I've sent a friend request.

Don't forget to make a wish and above all, have fun!!!

Here's your B-day song hehehe!

ON other stuffies:

hehe how many friends still read my journal aside from those precious people who message me now and then? I would love to hear from you, it would be cool to catch up on your news, so please, talk to me...

Now the liaison that does not liaise

Latrobe University Bundoora Campus is not in my happy books right now, and why?

Oooooh, and here's where the fun really begins.

I went into see my DLO Livia, we talked about all the problems I was having getting my support network up and running, especially when this network was bleeding to death, and two key people had gone on leave, not that I begrudge them that, but... neither made any attempt to talk to me and let me know so I could set up an optional contact list. That meant, all this trouble that has now gone for the critical, and recently to the falseflag of help, and back into despair.

Gone, all notetaking services and related student mobility and guide services, scrapped!

I have since November 2013 to apply for candidature and re-enrol and it is September, and guess what! I am marginally better off... I think..., the sticking points:

Here is a copy of the email I received:

Hi Storm,

Hope all is well. 

With regards to your application for post graduate studies, there are only 3 items that need to be completed: 

*yes, there are and I told you about these last we met* (my added notes)

1. A certified copy of your birth certificate is required. *Oh really? I thought I told you that and that it was covered*

2. Confirm if referees, Sue Martin and Catherine Padmore, have completed and submitted reference documents.
*OH yes, I told you that too, and sent a copy of the email traffic from Sue Thomas to prove it*

3. Identify any prior scholarships or grants you have received at LTU.  
*Duh, I told you I didn't know that stuff*

Could you please make arrangements to get a copy of your birth certificate and follow up with Catherine and Sue and ask them to notify you once they have
submitted the referee documents.  I am in the process of finding out whether you have obtained scholarships or grants in the past. 

Her is the link to the Department of Justice website for birth certificates. The website lists the documentation required. If the website is not accessible
you will need call ph. 1300 369 367 (within Australia). 

*this is the Disability liaison officer? She is supposed to check that but she want me to do her job eesh!* 



... *I missed the bit where she'd said she was checking my scholarship records, that is my screen reader's fault or the code in the email body, it hadn't read that out the first time around, now that it was scanned and pas5ted here, the code shows up here, the irony of fate LOL so Livia, brownie points for that*

Show original

Hi Livia,

I am good, aside from a nasty virus and a horrible chest cough.
I hope you're doing okay!

On the matters you raised:

1. Sue Thomas had told me both Sue Martin and Catherine Padmore have
granted me references, these have also, been lodged with the
appropriate department.

2. Steph told me the university already has a certified copy of my
birth certificate, and had assured me there would be no problem
obtaining it for the application, that was months back before she took

3. I wouldn't know where to start, and as Stephanie also told me, she
could accesss the information regarding my undergraduate scholarships.

Sue Thomas acquired the information re Sue M and Catherine, she made a
couple of calls and spoke to the relevant people and in an email told
me the Research department have the required documentation and were
waiting on the application so we could get this out the way.

Stephanie had at no time told me I would need to seek a fresh copy of
my birth certificate as the university already has one due to its
requirement for my undergraduate course. It is filed on campus.

If you ask the records and research people for a fax of the documents
and or whatever is needed, I have no doubt they'd be more than happy
to supply it

Talk soon,

Storm ~

That's it!

So, what do you think?

Albinism aides?

Sep. 2nd, 2014 04:31 am
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I have a character who is an albino. And it occurred to me today that in addition to her eye protection, she should have skin protection, too. So far, she just wears robes with a cowl and usually leaves the cowl up, which has the added benefit of hiding her appearance from others. (Albinos are considered soul-less by her people, and are often treated worse than animals.) But I need other ideas for skin protection as well.

The story takes place on a world with magic. They also have technology (magical technology mostly). I don't know if they have sunscreen yet or not. It's not terribly important, since at her power level magic-wise, she can heal from burns and stuff with relative ease, but it would still hurt and it would still take a day or two to heal from a sunburn. And she does need her cowl down to use a lot of her powers, because seeing clearly helps her out, especially in battle.

I'm also not entirely sure what the effects of solar radiation on an albino would be.

Anyway, if anyone can think of something else to protect her that would be appropriate to the setting, I would appreciate it a lot. I mean, I could always go with "amulet that filters out certain light spectra," but if there are non-magical ways of doing it too, that would help, since some of her enemies can sense the use of magic.

Also, she originally comes from Okonikaat, her planet's version of Africa* (though living in a colony nation of exiles now), but as an albino I don't think that "black" is appropriate to describe her, so if anyone can think of another way, preferably a PC way, to refer to her ethnicity, I would love to hear it. Best I've come up with so far is based on the caste system of the country she lives in, and so: "Ruling Caste features and hair texture, but snow-white skin and hair." (Well, that and "Okonikaati," but I fully expect that to go over the heads of a lot of [white] readers, even after the explanation of what a typical Okonikaati looks like.)

* = Minus the white colonialism, since whites are an extreme minority on Orion.

Compliment maybe?

Sep. 2nd, 2014 03:52 am
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I had an experience earlier today I feel I should post about. I was out going from one grocery store to another, wearing my flowery skirt (one of them) and my spiderweb-design top, with my parasol up because the sun was breathing down my neck, and a woman said from a car "So beautiful," presumably at me because I didn't see anything else around that might elicit such a comment.

Why do I feel it necessary to post about this? Because I had mixed feelings about it. IE, I didn't know what to feel about it. I always distrust anything said to me from someone in a car, because I have a lot of history from high school of bullies doing that sort of shit, and not all of them were men. But I tend to trust women more than men, and also I did not detect any sarcastic tone or anything of the sort. Nor did I see the woman; she was behind me, and by the time I turned around, they were driving off. So I don't know if it was genuine or not.

Also, I tend to trust specific compliments more than general ones like that. When someone compliments what I'm wearing, or how my hair is done, or my parasol, I tend to trust that it's genuine. But "So beautiful" is too much like "Sexy!" or other vague pseudo-compliments that tend to be sarcastic.

So I guess I just don't know.

Yeah, no, fuck you.

Sep. 2nd, 2014 06:07 pm
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I just checked my text messages. There's one from my electricity company, a "courtesy message" telling me how much average electricity savings they estimate their customers will receive as a result of the carbon tax's untimely death.

(My plan with them is 100% renewable, and I'm a pensioner, so actually I'll be paying the same and my income will be reduced, but I'm less upset about that than I am about their shilling for the government under the cover of "courtesy".)

Interesting IBS alternatives

Sep. 1st, 2014 09:04 pm
fayanora: Steph Chloe Awesome (Steph Chloe Awesome)
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I have IBS, and a sensitivity to onions, dairy, and possibly garlic. I have a hard time finding any salad dressings that don't have onion in them. So I was glad when I found some interesting alternatives at Trader Joe's today. The less interesting one is a raspberry vinagrette salad dressing which does not contain any onions or garlic.

The much more interesting one is a hummus salad dressing. Yes, hummus has garlic, but I can eat hummus without a problem. And this stuff is basically just hummus with water and canola oil added. And it's VERY good! Also got some hazelnut milk and some almond milk.

Oh yeah, and some triple-ginger cookies. Ginger is a digestive aid, so that might help. At another store, I bought some mint tea, for the same reason.

Unrelated to IBS, I also found at Trader Joe's some blueberry preserves. That's something I've never seen before, AFAIK.

Look up.

Sep. 2nd, 2014 03:42 am
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Look up.

Inter High - Dear Creator Letter

Sep. 1st, 2014 08:58 pm
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Hello dear writer/author! I'm really excited about having a sports anime exchange and I hope you are too.

This is a placeholder while I get my thoughts together about the fandoms I've asked for. It'll be ready by the time sign ups end, definitely!
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Been a while, but I've been amusing myself, as well as intermittent low bits. Turned my back on Facebook, abandoned Twitter after the SDS conference, spending way too much time on MetaFilter, which is beginning to annoy me in useful ways, as well as doodling away a happy hour on Tumblr posting nothing. Reading actualfax books—paper as well as e—and fanfiction, of course. Here's a sprinkling of things I've stumbled across. Ask me anything (as they say) in the comments and I'll bloviate.

I've worked as a freelance calligrapher, typesetter, and graphic designer. This cartoon beautifully, and painfully, captures the continual teeter-totter between "being true to your own self" and "getting paid"

I've been having more difficulty understanding speech, especially at noisy places like cons (use your mics!) and restaurants. I've also had a strange two-tone mechanical humming in my ears for the past year or so. Okay, time for a hearing test. Mostly painless: put on these headphones, play noise in one ear and words in the other, parrot back the words. But then there was
non-consensual penetration of body cavities )

That was a lesson in how to alienate prospective patients. It makes me wonder what in hell medicos mean when they say, "this will be uncomfortable, but let me know if it hurts"? Is there some level of pain which reliably causes a reflex response in humans, and therefore docs can ignore unreliable information like "Oww! That hurts! Stop that! NO."? I know that enough pain makes me pass right out. Or say if I vomit, does that mean I've crossed the line from "uncomfortable" to "hurts"? How about if I curl up on cool bathroom tiles? Or maybe when I sandbag myself with microwave hotpacks? I'm just working back from the "pain behaviors" I've demonstrated when it's hurt too much for me at home.

Anyway, the exam result is: I have

  • excellent hearing in optimal conditions (cool)

  • difficulty "hearing in noise" (yeah, that's why I was there)

  • tinnitus (Checking just now at HearingLossHelp druglist (PDF), I'm taking three meds known to cause tinnitus in some people. Huh and

  • Hyperacusis

She says wearing 29dB earplugs only makes the hyperacusis worse. (I wear them swimming and when I'm on the bus.) She's making "musician's earplugs" for me which dampen all sound equally across the noise spectrum which should "take the edge off" of the loudness of things.

yes good

Sep. 1st, 2014 08:05 pm
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1. I woke up surprisingly easily, especially given how late I got to bed, which is always pleasantly astonishing when it manages to happen.

2. Some of the post waiting for me at work was more rocks! I was delighted, and expressed this delight to a colleague in the lift, and everyone else in the lift just looked... baffled. Which to be honest I found a little surprising given where I work, but mostly? Mostly it was amusing, and also I have lots more rocks. Plenty enough to keep me going until the new year!

3. I got heaps of labwork done today, including lots more tidying up than I normally manage, including making some sensible judgment calls

4. As I was leaving, having tidied up, the skies opened, and it was brilliant - I walked down the middle of the almost-entirely-empty pavement on Exhibition Road in the warm rain with my clothes rapidly getting plastered to me, and oh, it was glorious.

5. I finally settled in with Scalzi's new novel Lock In today, and to my surprise I am genuinely enjoying it. (Why surprise? Because much as I like the guy I didn't expect him to do it well, and so far he is. Also, I'm a fifth of the way through and the protag's gender hasn't been mentioned yet, which is pretty much the reading experience I want.)

6. I got home to find warm couscous left on the table for me, because I have the best housemate <333

7. ... and for afters there is leftover strawberry trifle in the fridge, brought me yesterday by [personal profile] sebastienne and my useless ex when they rocked up to feed me lunch, badger me into wearing clothes, and drag me to a film festival & concert (which was pretty great once the first short was over; Did Not Like). But srsly though, a. CN Lester wrote a song for you and then made a music video, and (b) I got to curl up in a big comfy chair and watch an entire hour of people talking mostly in German about queer & trans stuff, and -- that's not something my inherited language does, we're rural Austrian Catholics, I got to listen to people speaking about queers in German, which was a kind of homecoming even though it was the wrong flavour. (By which I mean: the Berlin accent is not the accent of the stories and the prayers and the songs of my childhood, but nonetheless it is German and therefore soothing.)

8. My counsellor got in touch yesterday about arranging a session with an apology for having dropped off the face of the Earth (bereavement), which saved me doing the reaching out and means we are Working On A Date probably sometime next week.

9. An Elementary fic showed up in my head while I was finishing up the washing up at work; specifically, a story that begins "The first time Joan surprised Sherlock..." with reference to some dialogue from (very!) early season 1, though I suspect I am going to have to wait for the beginning of season 3 to make sense of where it's trying to end up.

10. I really am surrounded by fantastic people, and I am so, so glad of all of you <3 (And I am aided in appreciating this by the bit where I seem to be starting to pull back out of the brainwrong I've been in for the past little bit: hurrah discontinuing the anti-histamine!)
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Hrmm, normally whenever I tweak my AO3 skin, I am like, "Oh yeah, baby, look at that [whatever I changed], so gorgeous." But not so much this time, and I am unsure if it's because I do not like what I changed in general or because I changed the color of something while doing it. (I found some CSS that made it so that the background color of relationship tags didn't also affect the background color of the surrounding spaces and tag separators. And then I changed the background color to something I thought I would like more.)

I'll give it a week or so, and if I am still side-eying things I suppose that means I should change it back.

A Favorite Childhood Memory

Aug. 31st, 2014 04:35 pm
[personal profile] jazzyjj
I used to live in Pennsylvania. I was not born there, But my family and I lived in Hummelstown and then Hershey. One of my favorite memories of Hershey is Hershey Park. I used to go piggyback on my father, and I went on a lot of fun rides. Some of the rides had loud buzzers, and I remember being scared to death of the buzzers. I'm not that scared of loud buzzers anymore though. But the other rides were fun too. Back then I liked roller coasters, and Hershey Park had a lot of those. I went on them with my father and some other family members. My mother didn't like roller coasters though, and still doesn't because she gets sick on them. The park also had fun music on the merry-go-round. They also had good food including Hershey chocolate candies.


Aug. 31st, 2014 02:33 pm
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1 card draw

This for the August new mon and Laborday. Go forth and have fun. :)

(no subject)

Aug. 31st, 2014 12:12 pm
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Because there may be more people who would want to know who haven't heard yet:

[personal profile] delux_vivens has died.

I don't have words that can do justice to the loss.

Getting things out of my system

Aug. 31st, 2014 06:18 am
kaberett: Toph making a rock angel (toph-rockangel)
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If eyes are the window to the soul, volcanoes are the window to the soul of the planet - or at least to the Earth's interior, which might very easily be the same thing, depending on your definitions. Very well: I define planetary interiors, with their various motion and stillnesses, their complex simplicities, their confusions, as souls.

Brought to you by "ways I am not in point of fact permitted to open my poster"...

(no subject)

Aug. 30th, 2014 06:30 pm
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So... Wow.

I stopped playing Minecraft somewhere around the horse update. I seem to have phases of playing the game, followed by lulls without it, and so it's not uncommon for me to stop playing for a while.

But last night, I had a bunch of Minecrafty dreams; and so I decided to pull it out again and see what's new.

Biomes! Flowers! (Sunflowers!) Fish! Stained glass! Rabbits! Killer rabbits!

I, uh.

Have a lot to catch up on.


Aug. 30th, 2014 09:22 pm
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Can people, like, talk to me about the economics of doing a PhD part time? Because I think I need to at least consider doing this part-time rather than full-time at least temporarily (witness the last month, the majority of which I have spent asleep and incapable of sitting upright for more than about 5 minutes without noticeable impact on brain function), but I'm terrified because I have no idea which of ESA, Housing Benefit etc I'd be eligible for, and how much of my savings I'd go through before they arrived, and if they'd even make up enough of the shortfall.
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Don't get me wrong: Net10 has screwed me around, too, most infamously when they lied about not being able to reactivate my phone a few months ago claiming the "system was down" and told me to call the next morning to get the same thing done that the rep could've done that night but wouldn't because I called just as their call center was closing and bitch, it's time for us to leave, see ya.

Interestingly enough, they pulled a similar thing on my fiance the same month and this was all during the same time period in which I was spending up to five hours a week on the phone with Comcast over billing and Internet issues so I was to the point where I simply hated all customer service call centers at all companies, whether that was fair or not.

But when I called Net10 yesterday because my phone's touchscreen is broken (the LG Optimus and/or Optimus Q can't seem to take light, heat, air or any sort of normal use without the touchscreen giving out so I go through 3-4 of them each year - thankfully the Q has a slide-out keyboard which allows me to retain most of the phone's functionality) and mentioned that it's still under warranty, the rep told me that Net10 would be "delighted" to replace it for me, free of charge.

I know damn well that whether Net10 - a corporation now legally masquerading as a person according to a recent Supreme Court decision - is delighted to help me or not shall not negate, circumvent nor otherwise nullify our contractual agreement, which includes replacing my phone free of charge for up to one year after purchase or exchange, but the idea that they are, in fact, "delighted" to help did boost my spirits.

I realized that for once - yes, for once - I would not have to argue with the person at the initial point of contact, nor be transferred to a second point of contact, nor have to get into a kerfuffle with a tech support person who thinks she knows more about my modem than I do, nor tangle with a Billing "Specialist" who has exactly zero idea of what I should and should not be billed for, all al la Comcast - no, there would be none of that. This Net10 rep was the first and last person I would have to speak with to secure my phone's replacement, and on top of that she wanted to let me know exactly how "delighted" Net10 would be to help.

Her demeanor throughout the process of gathering information, serial numbers and my shipping address was so light, breezy and overtly joyous I felt like I'd popped a Prozac by the time we hung up. She was delightful. And the whole "process"? Was a breeze.

And I think to myself: that's how 'good customer service' should be.

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