May. 7th, 2016 01:56 am
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What happens when you ask your parents for a house.

[Context: our prime minister's solution to the fact that nearly everyone from late Gen X down is basically locked out of the housing market was to suggest that their parents should just buy them a house. "A bit of intergenerational equity", he said, jocularly. Our prime minister is one of the top 200 richest people in the country. His net worth is about AUD$200M. In searching to find a figure for that last sentence, I found out that his nickname, dating from back before he became PM, is the Member for Net Worth.]

So yeah, triple j (very popular public radio station) had some fun asking snake people to text their parents and ask for a house, and screencap the responses.

"new phone, who dis?" was a surprisingly correct and appropriate meme usage.

'Brad', who said "Tell him he's dreaming" is my favourite, because it is the most Australian response possible.

'Bill' wins points for the most dad joke of responses, though.
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Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals Book 2 chapter 7 is now published!

Blurb: Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, is a young and abused Black boy with Asperger's syndrome, and is hated by his guardians, the Dursleys. A little over a week before his birthday, he discovers that he is also a wizard, and the Dursleys knew all along. Not only is he a wizard, but he's also famous in the wizarding world! An AU fanfic. Book 2 in the series.

AO3 version

BigCloset version version

Civil War thoughts and feels

May. 6th, 2016 01:25 am
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I am actually writing a DW/LJ post! I know!

Civil War spoilers obvs )

Keen to hear other people's thoughts/feelings. :)

God I need to sleep. I am awake purely due to the sheer amount of caffeine I've drunk today and feelings.
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...get over. LiveJournal was my home from the fall of 2005 until I left in, I think, 2010 (I have no record of when I left except an initial post on Wordpress after leaving LJ, and apparently on that I linked to my LJ profile to explain why. I know I had some sort of rant about linkjacking there, but I just checked to see they never captured that version of the page. I've also found this comment I made, which indicates I won't be coding my journal anymore, so perhaps it was by April of 2010).

Well, anyway, on LiveJournal linkjacking was wherein you'd write a post with normal links in it. Say you'd write, "You can find the steps on how do this thing I'm talking about here", where "here" would be a normal link to anywhere, but say for this example, it linked to another page on my blog. Well, the linkjacked version of that was when you clicked "here" to go to the other page, you got shown an ad instead. Of course, LJ did this to us twice, two different times in one year, if I recall correctly (I cannot find supporting documentation for the first time but this article talks about a second round of linkjacking in 2010, so obviously there was a first time to make the second time...possible).

ETA: dug around some more and found this, so now it looks like I've got tentative dates for each occurrence; the first linkjacking occurred March of 2010; the second round began about a month later. The reason? LJ messed up their first version of the linkjacker code. The first version simply scrambled pre-existing affiliate IDs on people's links while leaking all kinds of information by allowing data sent via https://to travel to other sites via http://. People posting links on their LJs to Amazon and other sites where they made money were losing money by the fistful over this, so LJ took the code down for a few weeks and rewrote it so it literally hijacked every outbound link on every journal, then stuck it back in our codebase.

LJ also never announced they were linkjacking. Each time they did it, they just did it. No advance warning.

I can't emphasize enough how fucked up this is. I've had problems on websites, OK? It's not all been smooth sailing. I've dealt with features I thought were bugs. I've hit ceilings on my ability to change writing and layout environments that frustrated me. I've dealt with platform owners I thought were assholes (and no, I'm not talking about anyone on DW or LJ, just to be super-duper clear). I've felt some platform owners were not transparent or honest or invested enough in a lot of things. The Basic Account fiasco on LJ did piss me off. Russian ownership bugged the hell out of me and was not a thing that I could even, but I never liked SixApart, either, because when I started on LJ, Brad ran everything; when SixApart took over, it became impersonal - LJ was "just a business" to them.

But even taking 10 years of sometimes icky memories of various blogging environments into account, nothing got to me like LJ's linkjacking, and I'd bet nothing ever will. LJ violated my trust and in turn violated people's trust in me. I got so many fucking emails and comments from people every time they linkjacked saying something like, "I clicked a link from your blog and wound up in Timbuktu adland instead, why the hell are you redirecting people to ads on a blog that's supposed to be about AOL" that I was beside myself.

I couldn't prove it wasn't my idea: there was not a lick of official documentation or a single public post on LJ discussing the linkjacking being done to us. There was no official word on how to stop it or turn it off, either. The second time around people apparently found a way to do so on a per-blog basis via the admin console but it only worked while you were logged in, not for anyone else viewing your blog, and that was all just users digging around in the settings for something that worked - which is a lot like throwing one pot of spaghetti at the wall after another until finally, finally, something sticks.

That was the end of LiveJournal for me. I had my first two journals there (the same ones I have now here and on Wordpress, respectively) and I made the first online friends I'd ever had there, some of who were wanting to meet in person when I left, some of who actually lived nearby me who became closer-than-usual friends just for that reason. I still think about them though we've never talked online or offline again. I also got on problem-free with LJ's staff, regardless of which company was running LJ from one year to the next, which I know is contrary to speculation I've heard over the years that I got on badly with some of them. Nothing bad carried over to Dreamwidth from there.

LJ was not bad if you discounted the drama in each News post that went on for years, all the different owners and ownership styles we had, and that making Basic Accounts see ads, when LJ had always been 100% free (but with more limited features for free users) until that moment (which I think they eventually might have gone back on) really kind of sucked. LJ only became intolerable when I realized linkjacking might always be an issue: there'd be an outcry, they'd pull the scripts that made linkjacking possible for a while, then they'd reintroduce them when things got quiet again. Always without warning: a true stealth strike every time. I just couldn't deal with it.

If they'd never linkjacked I might still be there, but it's probably for the best that I'm not. Dreamwidth's smaller and more personal, and I never have to worry about unknown (or any!) ads creeping around my blog, so I'm less stressed about where I'm keeping what online (and I mean, putting my other blog on Wordpress was not a bad choice, either, but they *do* show ads, which again I have no control over, which does sort of bug me). I look at LJ every once in a while (mostly because maybe half my list crossposts to it, otherwise I'd have no reason to visit at all) and I see they've 'gone Facebook' now that the real Facebook's stealing users and visitors from all over for itself, and I think, they were so short-sighted to do some of the things they did, but too late now.

Wednesday Reading Meme

May. 4th, 2016 06:01 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

Nothing. I really need to finish writing this story.

What I'm Reading Now

Comicsssss. Wednesdayyyyyy.

Captain America - Sam Wilson #9, Invincible Iron Man #9, New Avengers #11, Scarlet Witch #6, X-Men '92 #3 )

What I'm Reading Next

See first paragraph. On the plus side, the end of this story is in sight. On the minus side, that means I am currently mired in the part I hate, where I make no progress because it feels like I've been writing it for ages and I can see the end but I am not there yet and everything is awful. I hate this part of writing longfics. It always happens about now.

(no subject)

May. 4th, 2016 07:41 pm
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Anyone else doing something for [ profile] mmom? (Merry Month of Masturbation, entire comm NSFW.) One of my Tumblr friends is doing all thirty-one days. I have one fic that's off to beta, and may write more, idk.


May. 4th, 2016 08:13 am
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So, uh. This happened at work.

The University's been facing a tough time with declining enrollment. To make the books balance for next year, they had to cut eight staff positions.

I got called into the Dreaded Uncomfortable Meeting with five other staff members yesterday afternoon, where we learned we were being laid off. They went to great lengths to say that these reductions were a strictly financial decision that had nothing to do with our individual performance.

While I'm understandably annoyed that my position is winding down, I'm not bitter about the situation. The current leadership at AlgomaU has a lot going for them, and I truly wish them well in meeting the challenges they face. The University has the potential to be a profoundly important institution for all of Canada, and a crown jewel of our local community. I hope I see them turn that vision into a reality.

That said, I'm taking this as an opportunity to springboard on to greater things. =)

Because of our family situation, I very strongly prefer to stay local (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada), but at this point I'm open to substantial travel -- say, 25%, possibly even 40% or more depending on how it's spread out? So if there are any cool places out there who could use a *nix nerd in Software Development, QA, or Systems Administration, right now I'm all ears. ^_^

21 Days For Dreamwidth

May. 4th, 2016 01:48 am
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As part of 21 Days for Dreamwidth (our yearly celebration of well, Dreamwidth?) you post for 21 days on Dreamwidth, or post for 21 days about Dreamwidth, or answer 21 questions about yourself in relation to Dreamwidth one question at a time, for 21 days - I'm not sure which. I'll never post for 21 days about anything unless someone pays me, though, and pays rather well.

I'll post this since I don't think I've done our Q&A meme before - at least not the way [personal profile] finch put it together a few years ago (well, five. I can be slow to get around to things?).

Hitch is, I'm not bursting with energy, so will try to limit answers (when possible) to one sentence - one word or less would be even better. Pro tip: I will fail to achieve short answers on most of these questions.

Are we playing 21 Days or 21 Questions?

1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?
Linkjacking. There's a lot to unpack in this one little word. Also, the Basic Account fiasco and being owned by Russians. No, I mean, personally feeling owned by them.

2. Why did you choose your journal name?
It's the name of a poem I wrote years ago. Yes, named after my own poem - talk about being a bit self-reverential. Ask if I still like or want the name and the answer is ... but of course no one asked.

3. Do you crosspost? Why or why not?
No, no and no. Does that answer these questions?

4. What do you do online when you're not on DW?
Now that I don't update my other blog a lot anymore, mostly read news, take paid surveys, clip online coupons and stream music via Youtube's autoplay, which is auto-on, how nice. It gets more like Pandora by the day and has a feature where it tracks what I like by what I look for, so it still knows to play me music I hunted down years ago in a different part of the state. I no longer leave comments on other websites because I'm tired of the arrogance and condescension from some blog owners, on the one hand, and tired of comment trolls and stalkers, on the other. I'm probably in my third year of snubbing the entire internet and really enjoying it.

5. How about when you're not on the computer?
Life intervenes. I usually go online long after my day is over and anyone without the insomnia and polyphasic sleep schedule I suffer from has long been in lalaland. It's the only "me" time I have where I feel - even if I'm writing or editing or coding like crazy - that I'm really just fucking off and doing nothing.

6. What do you wish people who read your journal knew about you?
That all your base are belong to us. That I could've been Mariah Carey instead of Mariah Carey being Mariah Carey but chose to keep smoking when she chose to quit in return for her voice - an exchange God actually agreed to, if you believe her. That if I'd right placed/right timed myself I'd be bigger than Veronica Webb right now. Has anyone heard from her lately? Seriously, this is an awful question. If I want people to know something, I'll tell them.

7. What is your favorite community on Dreamwidth?
With a few caveats which I can't discuss without seeming like Scrooge, [community profile] style_system, because I like geeking out over code, people's coding problems, stuff on Dreamwidth being broken or not operating at peak Dreamwidth, plus I like breaking and fixing stuff. I also enjoy DW news and keeping up with our maintenance and developer communities, for about the same reasons.

8. What community do you wish was more active?
There have been soooo many that have become inactive. Eventually I unsubscribe from all of them because I can't stand dead communities or journals on my list. There have been so many that I can't even say anymore what they were about. *checks for current shortlist*

OK, how ', common_nature, cookability, dreamsheep, dreamwidth_haikai, dreamwidthlayouts, dw_beta, dw_codesharing, dw_design, dw_nifty, dw_styles, dw_suggestions, dw_volunteers, dwim, emily_dickinson, factfinding, gardening, linux4all, literaryquotes, lj_refugees, omnomnom, polls, pretty_pixels, reallycutefurrycritters, stock_icons, stylemakers, the_style_kit, visualwit, and written_by_hand.

(Disclaimer: the last community is mine, and would be awesome if anyone would ever post to it). But our dead Android community burns me up the most. Someone make it undead, please... :(

9. Are there two people on your reading list that you think should meet?
*checks profile* No. Actually, yes! But I'm not sure if they could stand each other. [personal profile] italiceyeball and [personal profile] revolutemind are similar writers and thinkers (but, I suspect, not similar personalities).

10. Tell me about your default icon.
We don't talk about that 'round here. ;) I will say I got it for its more rebellious aspects but keep it because it matches my layout, if not my feelings so much, and it makes people laugh.

11. What features do you think Dreamwidth should have that it doesn't currently?
Omg, the features. Ask [staff profile] denise what I want because she knows - I have all her rejection letters and the published polls to prove it. To this day I'm clogging up the Suggestions queue with even more features that have not been voted on. How about the one I thought of tonight? In which, when you subscribe to someone or just up and grant them access out of nowhere, that you should get a notification in your DW Inbox about it, so you don't forget who you subscribed or gave access to? I literally don't have time to jot down and request all the features I want because so many occur to me, often when I'm unable to record them.

12. What do you consider the five most "telling" interests from the list on your profile? Why?
I don't have interests on my profile. I had hundreds but deleted them years ago in the interest of having less lists to maintain. See imperfect coding/no more tags.

13. Do you have any unique interests on your user profile? What are they? How'd they get there?
See above.

14. Did you have a gateway fandom? Still in it? Why or why not? Is there a community for it on DW?
No fandom.

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination?
What captures my imagination is the idea of there being a redemptive aspect to the time we spend on Earth. Also, that's two questions. Anything that interests me at all can obsess me, but most things don't. That said, web design is my forever love/obsession.

16. What are you glad you did but haven't really had a chance to post about?
There are things I've done that others were glad for, which in turn makes me feel good, but I wouldn't necessarily post about them because that's "tooting my own horn" - which can make me feel a bit tacky.

17. How many people on your reading list do you know IRL?
*checks profile again* One. Five, if you count not meeting in person but communicating away from DW, and if you also count the one person I sort of know IRL who I'm no longer subscribed to.

18. What don't you talk about here, either because it's too personal or because you don't have the energy?
Almost everything! I can write and write and write and exchange tons of comments and PMs yet feel like no one knows me any better when I finish than they did when I started. It sort of makes me feel - outside of things, I guess - but that's because I want to live my life, as opposed to describing it in any detail.

19. There is no question 19!

20. Yes, but what are your thoughts on yaoi?
I can't even.

21. What's your favorite thing about Dreamwidth?
It's the closest you can get on any LiveJournalish type of platform to owning your own website - without any of the the headaches or hassles of owning your own website. I'd like DW to roll out its own user-analytics solution so I can take the stupid stat counter down, and I'd like the ability to add plug-ins via JS (never going to happen!) or s2 (which might!) but other than that - and my perfectly endless feature requests - I feel like I've got what I need here.

Peekaboo. #thepru

May. 3rd, 2016 11:19 pm
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Peekaboo. #thepru

(no subject)

May. 3rd, 2016 05:55 pm
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Today Jools was napping on the windowsill and then fell off and hit the heater (it wasn't on) and woke me and the wife up. I got up to make sure she was okay and she was just sitting there looking abashed and dusty.

Poor cat.

My family, y'all

May. 3rd, 2016 03:20 pm
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So. My family has a tendency to think they've told me something and yet not have done so. It's irritating, but occasionally hilarious.

Case in point.

I was discussing with my parents the tendency for my father and I both to downplay or outright ignore most varieties of pain, because it's "not that bad". Basically, if no bones are popping out, no blood is gushing, and we're still upright and conscious, any pain hasn't reached "that bad" status.

We were laughing and teasing each other over incidents, including getting hit by cars (both of us), falling off the truck and having a small motorcycle land on top, probably cracking several ribs and getting a concussion (Dad), roller skating fall that resulted in a doctor visit a month later and the doctor saying "yeah, you broke your arm but it's already healed" (me).

You get the general drift. If we walk away, it was a successful landing.

At one point, Dad dropped this into the conversation:

"I guess we both come by this honestly. There was that time my dad's dad was jumping trains and got his arm cut off."

Cue Musyc Very Nearly choking to death on her soda.

After my airways had cleared, we established that NO, I had never been told this story before. And that wasn't all of it, even.


No, it wasn't.

Because after $ancestor got his arm cut off by the train?

He picked it up.

Carried it BACK to the closest station.

Slapped it on the desk and shouted at the clerk "YOUR DAMN TRAIN CUT MY ARM OFF".

Then he passed out.

My ancestors, folks. A collection of weird.

Adding on DW/About Me

May. 3rd, 2016 04:57 am
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So in the last few weeks (perhaps more like months), a majority of the people on my Reading List have not been updating as much as they once did. I'm not the only person on Dreamwidth to notice this change in their Circles, and I probably won't be the last: while I have no formal statistics to draw on (yet) it seems it's getting quieter around here.

Because I draw maybe 50% of each day's daily reading from Dreamwidth (which I only look at from my laptop; I'm kind of OCD about where I look at what) and 50% from the MSN News app on my phone, the recent quietude's leaving me with not enough reading to do when I'm on my laptop, which is discomfiting (mostly because I'm a truly vociferous reader).

All about... )
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Mail's finally coming through again pretty much instantaneously (I get mine forwarded from Google to Outlook, so it has to make an extra hop, and is still coming through in real-time, so yes folks, it seems we're baaaaaack). That only took *checks date of my last entry on this*...18 days. Someone tell me that's not an obscenely long time to be proven legitimate enough to pass on the first try?

And just for those who missed the original story and ensuing long waits, it had nothing to do with Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth simply did what was described as routine maintenance on their servers one night which included changing the MX record (I'd say "records" but according to a resource I subsequently checked, there's only one). Over the MX record change Google's system flagged the site as...this is where it gets a bit murky...a possible spammer? A hijacked website? They flagged us for or as being something and started automatically rejecting all our emails with bounce messages indicating we should resend them, so we did.

Thus began a web-wide bottleneck that caused Dreamwidth's email to clog up all the pipes on GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live and Outlook, according to scattered user reports (AOL was the only email provider reportedly letting DW's email sail right through...which yes, the irony).

At one point I was so desperate for faster Dreamwidth notifications I publicly pondered switching to AOL (I never really had a quibble with AOL's email or messenger services - they both do their things, and always have, from what I can see, pretty smoothly). But I gritted my teeth, refreshed the pages involved and just waited it out. It sucks, really, that better systems can't be in place to let trusted senders just do their thing.

Sometimes I make bad decisions

May. 2nd, 2016 10:02 pm
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So because I can't feed myself ice cream, and because I'm weird and awkward about asking other people for help, when I have a tub of ice cream it tends to sit around for a while before getting finished off.

Tonight I was still hungry after dinner so I decided to polish off the coffee ice cream that had been in there for a while. And, er.

It was liquid.

Not melted. Cold. It wasn't even in the freezer door where it might have been only semi frozen. It was in the middle of the freezer. Amidst frozen stuff. And it was cold the way just out of the freezer ice cream should be--

--and it was *liquid*. Runnier than milkshakes. The consistency of room temp ice cream.

I had a confuzzled, but ate it anyway. Because ice cream.

Now, a few hours later, I'm starting to get nervous about what if it had gone bad and that's why the texture was weird, what if I get sick from it, what if I wake up at 2am vomiting, what if what if what if. (The fact that it tasted fine doesn't necessarily mean much; once I drank an Odwalla beverage that was a few days out of date but refrigerated and normal tasting, and that evening was throwing up from it, because bacteria don't always taste bad.)

Googling didn't help. Googling rarely helps when the question involves getting sick.

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ETA: I wrote this for May 1st, Blogging Against Disablism Day. many more posts

Nineteen ninety-three: I got my first powerchair, my city began a growth spurt, and the ADA design guidelines had just been published. This should have meant smooth rolling: many new accessible buildings!
Yet many accessible locations are destroyed by deliberate barriers )

This is the continual battle against the normate space invaders. This is why accessible design and construction isn't enough.

If you think this barrier wasn't really created on purpose, that it's just the thoughtlessness of the ill-informed, I know that's not the case. I've visited this particular shop to inform them they've recreated barriers unnecessarily, and asked them to stop destroying the built-in accessibility. Their response is Oh, don't worry, we'll be happy to help if you just ask.

Nondisabled people may wonder, so what's so hard about asking? Great effort has been made to create accessible environments. Why should this thoughtless disablism require us to ask permission over and over? We are here; we are the public, as Dave Hingsburger put it so eloquently. When nondisabled people recolonize our spaces, we must regroup, react, and respond.

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* You do not do a smol summon to all the trickster gods you can dig up sigils for simultaneously and go "HAAAYYYY I'M A SEEKER" for similar reasons to why you do not post publicly to facebook, twitter, and 4chan simultaneously going "HAAAYYYY PARTY AT MY PLACE HERE'S THE ADDRESS" while @-ing a few choice contacts. That is how you get more infosec d00ds than you know what to do with on your lawn and hacking your launderizer; similarly, you don't necessarily want a certain redhead and a certain fan of well-targeted fruit to take up camp in your pineal gland without that you thought things through very, very carefully beforehand.

* I can, in fact, still use coffee as a divination aid.

* Does anyone know a deity or two who might be associated with shit sandwiches and/or lemonade? No, seriously. The deity who is your boon companion when you go "Well, this is certainly a shit sandwich that I have here!" and/or also the entity for "Welp, these are some lemons; I guess it's time to find a big pot and some sugar." Asking for a friend.

* Tumblr is great for creating new mythology. However, anything that tumblr says are true historical fax, double-check that with other sources.

* 90s web design is not an immediate disqualification for a pagan informational website. Presence of information which can be easily debunked via actually qualified historical sources, however...

* Libraries are a thing.

* Divination can be super helpful at some things, but when you're doing it for yourself, you're going to get a lot of internal noise from what you're wanting to happen. Thus, divination is a reasonable way to explore what you personally in fact actually want...

* For fuck's sake, do not get a tattoo on your actual body honoring Bacchus without thinking things through super carefully.

or, in other words...
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Kid yourselves not, this was hard to write, especially since a) it's personal and b) I wrote it as a speech (that I have not given, but oh boy, I could really work with this). I did it in one shot and by the time it was done I was so tired from a) writing and b) writing all week long, which is an unusual level of output for me, that I took the weekend off.

When I got back online I realized it wasn't edited properly and of course there were no links. Looking at the post now, though, I think it might be too overwhelming for anyone (myself included, if the tables were turned!) to read through the links I might add. So I'm taking the liberty of quoting from it here and attaching links as needed.

Any "If Onlys": The grotesque moral atrocity of blaming the poor for being poor

"[...] life for those with money drifts in the vein of commending themselves"... Why luck matters more than you might think

"[...] our biggest social construct of all time - the one called race"... Race and racial identity are social constructs

"Housing? Well, waiting lists are 3-6 years long" - nope, wrong: try more like over 10 years... HOUSING AGENCY WAITING LISTS AND THE DEMAND FOR HOUSING ASSISTANCE

"[...] most are being torn down"... The demolition of housing in public cities

"Section 8 certificates, which society also grumbles about because they blacks "ruin our neighborhoods"?"...How Housing Policy Is Failing America's Poor

"Same waiting list" - nope, wrong again; the wait can be much longer, though figures for all states don't seem to be in one place...Section 8 Shortfall Leaves Thousands Waiting

"Food stamps? You can't get them if you don't work"... More Than 500,000 Adults Will Lose SNAP Benefits in 2016 as Waivers Expire

Welfare cash benefits? Less than 2 million Americans still get them" - actually, I mis-worded and miscounted: only 1.6 million families receive TANF. Will be updating with correction. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF) Block Grant: Responses to Frequently Asked Questions (March, 2016)

"Healthcare? Well, there's still Medicaid, but not for most people"... Medicaid Health Care Denied To Millions Of America’s Poorest

"[...] and there's no low cost health insurance in states that refuse to extend the ACA to the poor."... Uninsured Poor Adults in States that Do Not Expand Medicaid – An Update

"Disability benefits? Extremely small, subject to limitations, and even the most hopelessly and permanently disabled often won't get approved." ... working from the last claim in, It's easier to win a World Series than get Social Security disability, Which Factors Lead to Benefit Reductions?, and How Much Will I Get in SSI Disability Benefits?

"The poor are not people [...] we've even trained the poor to know that"... America's Poor: Blaming The Victims

"A vast majority of the 99% forgets - or does not know, nor care to learn - that the 1% stages recessions only to accumulate more wealth" - I guess I can file this under personal opinion, but while I'm busy trying to pull this theory together, have a link: Obama orchestrated a massive transfer of wealth to the 1 percent. "Too big to fail" is just another name for "set-up".

"We've got working poor living in the streets, overnight shelters, tents and cars still being told that if they'd just work harder or do better"... General Homelessness Facts and Homelessness Epidemic

"I'm tired of being your poverty porn"... 5 Reasons poverty porn empowers the wrong person

"[...] I don't fit the liberal media's oh-so-carefully-constructed, entirely stereotypical and increasingly bullshit Poverty Model"... Beliefs About the Poor Are Mired in Flawed Stereotypes. For instance, 41% of this nation's poor are white. (I know, white - race - here we go with our social construct again. If we didn't have it, how would that be worded? "100% of our poor are...people"?)


May. 2nd, 2016 06:22 am
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Just messing around. (

Was looking at job ads today...

May. 2nd, 2016 12:38 am
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When I came across one seeking candidates with "good annunciation". Fascinated by the requirement, I googled and came upon a definition. Surprised to learn customer service reps must announce the birth of Christ to each customer, I sent them an email.


I’m not normally one to correct wording errors but in this ad you indicated your organization seeks people with good annunciation. According to most dictionaries that means you want someone to do a good rendition of the announcement of the Incarnation by the angel Gabriel to Mary (Luke 1:26–38).

I think the word you’re looking for is enunciation.

Needless to say I defiantly! jk definitely did not apply. I can't work for people who think they're smarter than me when, in fact, they're not smarter than me. The irony is they think they're weeding out anyone who doesn't know what that fancy word means, when they don't even know how to spell it correctly.


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