Thinking about politics in fandoms

Mar. 30th, 2017 05:31 pm
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A friend mentioned earlier today on Twitter that she was surprised that conservatives can like Star Trek, with it's far-future leftwing utopia. I'm not singling her out; I've seen this opinion expressed many times.

It's also not something I personally agree with.

Star Trek shows a beautiful wageless future, one where folk in the Federation have their bigotries (mostly/apparently) eradicated and people are free to do what their heart desires. It's woven into the foundation of the show. I love it a lot, but I can see how some folk would dismiss that side of it as fantasy; as fantastical as warp drive, one-society planets or near-humanoid species scattered all over the galaxy.

I'm a socialist. I also enjoy other fandoms that are less left-wing than Star Trek; in some versions of Transformers, Optimus Prime (the leader of the Autobots) is literally a police officer. I love the character*, but that doesn't mean I support cops in real life. The Autobots are positioned as the good guys, fighting against the evil Decepticons who want revolution/reform, often via mind control, cult of personality and the like. It's not exactly a positive portrayal of left-wing thought (!); doesn't mean I like it any less. There are giant robots!!

I can see what I view as flaws in the canons I enjoy and still enjoy them, and I expect more conservative folk would do the same thing for Star Trek and the like.

*I'm also usually Team Decepticon. Rise up <3
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I can’t recommend this too highly:

The Ezra Klein Show, “Elizabeth Drew covered Watergate. Here's what she thinks of Trump”, 21 Feb 2017. Available on iTunes or your podcatcher of choice, etc. etc..

Drew wrote Washington Journal, a real-time reporting journal of the Watergate saga as viewed by a journalist in Washington, which I immediately acquired after hearing this.

The podcast is an incredibly sharp and thoughtful discussion of the usefulness or otherwise of Watergate analogies, the similarities and differences, and what might happen with Trump -- Drew is firmly opposed to thinking of this as "Watergate 2.0", but she has a very Watergate-informed (as well as shrewd) perspective.

One of the things she’s strongest on is the experience of being in the story, not knowing what’s going to happen, the uncertainty and confusion and fear of everything that (in hindsight, summarized) looks like a nice linear narrative. Her point is that this isn’t Watergate 2.0; we don’t know what it is yet and we can’t see that from where we are. And she knows this not least because she lived through Watergate 1.0, and knows that nobody could see the story from inside it then.

Which is actually one reason why I’m finding all my Watergate-obsessing so mentally useful right now (other than because of pure autistic happy and because it’s an extraordinary story), because when you dive into the details you get into the mess and confusion and long-drawn-out uncertainty (for example, something I had absolutely no clue about: after the existence of the White House taping system was revealed, Nixon remained President for over a year). There are weird similarities between then and now; there are huge differences (Drew has one of the best casual precision-strike putdowns of Trump I’ve heard: “He doesn’t do concepts”).

I have no doubt that there was collusion of some kind between the Trump campaign and Russia, but I don’t know how tacit it was, and we can’t afford to pin our hopes on there being a “smoking gun” somewhere, though it’d obviously be fucking hilarious if there was. It’s risky in some ways to think “oh, this is Watergate all over again, we know how it’s going to go.”

But I think Watergate gives us, if not maps, at least some clues to orient ourselves in this territory (and I’m filling Washington Journal with bookmarks of spooky resonances). We don’t have a map to where we are, only the haziest hints of shapes, but through them we can see another map, the lines of a story that’s not the one we’re living in now, but which is one of the stories underlying it.

And there’s information there for us to raid — for example, looking at what elements have to be in place for the system to work and for a corrupt and criminal President to be impeached. Even with a Democrat-controlled House, it was the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee who were critical to its credibility, and the story of how they were won over is fascinating, and to me — surprisingly moving. Then there are the fracture points in the conspiracy, the people who would go so far but no further, or who were willing to take the fall but not alone, or the people who wouldn't volunteer information but wouldn't lie either.

It’s useful to know that we’ve been — if not here, then somewhere not totally unrelated to here before now.

Wednesday Reading Meme

Mar. 29th, 2017 05:48 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

Nothing! Maybe if I finish this RBB chapter before Friday, I can read something. (At least this is the longest chapter. Probably.)

What I'm Reading Now

Comics Wednesday!

Avengers #5.1, Infamous Iron Man #6, Mighty Captain Marvel #3, Spider-Woman #17, Thunderbolts #11 )

What I'm Reading Next

Don't know. There are so many books I want to read but I am not reading them.
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Uuuuuuuuuugh, I have been so sick the past couple of days. Monday, we had a fellow come in to rip up a couple of pieces of carpet and check if the floors needed repaired before we get new carpet put down. Just one spot needed a small replacement, but oh my little green angels it stirred up something in the house. I don't even know what - sawdust, carpet fibers, tiny minions of satan - but about two hours after it was all done, I started coughing to beat the band. All Monday night coughing. All Tuesday coughing, to the point where I was actually in pain from the hips to the top of my head. If it was a muscle involved in coughing, it was under strain. All Tuesday night, just coughing. I couldn't sleep more than an hour at a time.

And seriously, if going outside to have a cigarette actually relieves my cough, the problem is definitely inside the house. Yeah, so, despite it not being entirely warm enough to leave the screens open, I'm doing it anyway, to get fresher air in here.

Still coughing this morning, but now accompanied by a lovely fever and headache. Woke up around eight - TO COUGH, BIG SURPRISE - then went back to bed when I realized I was dizzy when I stood up. Woke up again around eleven aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand....

I think I'm through the worst of it? Stuffy sinuses, minor headache, slight fever, but overall a vast improvement. Still a couple of coughs here and there, but now I appear to have moved on to sneezing. Which still hurts my back and ribs, but at least it's not tearing up my throat.

Dunno what's going on - allergies, bronchitis, malaria, whatever. (I actually suspect mold, because this is the third or fourth bout of something similar to this in the past six months. We shall see if there's anything when the entire carpet gets pulled up.)

But dude, bleh, ick, gneh. Not the happiest of campers, me.

Game of Thrones Camp 2018

Mar. 29th, 2017 05:04 pm
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This year I organised my first every readthrough weekend (with [ profile] the_alchemist) of the first two seasons of Game of Thrones. It seemed to go reasonably well, so next year we'll be doing seasons three and four.

First dibs on places will go to people who came to the first one, but there'll be at least one more space, and maybe more if some people decide they can't make it. If you think it might be your kind of thing, there's a poll about interest and dates here.
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Canon: The Goblin Emperor
Pairing: Csethiro Ceredin/Maia Drazhar
Canon Level: Engaged

I was not super invested in Csethiro and Maia when I finished the book, but The Goblin Emperor is a tiny enough fandom that I gave some fic about them a try just for something to read. And it was really good and interesting! Csethiro and Maia are sweet together, both of them sounding out the other and trying to build a satisfying romantic relationship out of what's required of them. Maia, for all that he has an indomitable will, has a gentle and compassionate soul, whereas Csethiro's soul is made of fire and hidden by society's standards for her. It makes them good for each other, for Maia to have someone so fiercely and personally protective of him and for Csethiro to have someone who wants her to be herself as fully as possible.

Suggested reading:
A Gift Of Giving by [ profile] Aeriel
To Be Alone with You by [ profile] labocat
every heart to love will come by [ profile] Sour_Idealist
A Tale Concerning the Emperor's Wedding by [ profile] Lebateleur

Dinner plans, April 11th and 12th

Mar. 28th, 2017 09:10 pm
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So, which of my various SEA-TAC area friends might be available for dinner the evenings of Tuesday, April 11th, and/or Wednesday, April 12th?

Contact me via private means if you wish; my gmail address is pretty easy to guess from my username, and I have been known to use Dreamwidth private messages as well.

Fic rec!

Mar. 28th, 2017 09:49 pm
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A Steve/Tony fic rec! If you are the sort of person who enjoyed Marvel's 1872 miniseries but you feel it would have been better if Steve had been a merman, you will probably like A Man to Ride the River With by a_sparrows_fall. Alternatively, if you just like stories about dudes who fall in love with mermen, hey, it's got that going for it.

(Yes, this post was also an excuse to use my 1872 icon.)

FMK #6: Beloved Authors

Mar. 28th, 2017 03:15 pm
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So last week's FMK loser was Ben Bova's The Multiple Man, and tbh my only qualm with dumping that one is that I will no longer have a nice big pile of books with MEN in their title. Well, and also feeling a little bit bad for Jamie Madrox.

The winner was The Female Man by Joanna Russ! (The Bester was surprisingly close for awhile, probably because the Russ was getting a lot of M votes. Predictably.) I will be putting up a response for that one when I have finished reading it.

This week's theme is "Authors who have at least one series on my 'definitely keep' shelf but I am kind of afraid to branch out to their other stuff in case I don't like it". This should be a fun one!

How FMK works, short version: I am trying to clear out my unreads. So there is a poll, in which you get to pick F, M, or K. F means I should spend a night of wild passion with the book ASAP, and then decide whether to keep it or not. M means I should continue to commit to a long-term relationship of sharing my bedroom with it. K means it should go away immediately. Anyone can vote, you don't have to actually know anything about the books.

I pick a winner on Friday night (although won't actually close the poll, people can still vote,) and report results/ post the new poll on the following Tuesday, and write a response to the F winner sometime in the next week.

Link to long version of explanation (on first poll)
Poll: Alexander, Anderson, Bujold, Hambly, Harrison, Leiber, McKillip, Piper, Pratchett, Rosenberg, Smith, Vinge, Wrightson, Yolen )
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Canon: The Goblin Emperor
Pairing: Csevet Aisava/Maia Drazhar
Canon Level: Friends, Emperor/Subordinate

Csevet and Maia make for such a sweet couple, for all that them being together would be fraught with secrecy due to their positions. Csevet is clearly devoted to Maia, and Maia cares deeply for Csevet. It's not hard to imagine that such warm feelings might develop into romantic love, especially given how much time they spend with each other and how closely they work together.

Suggested reading:
To Whom It May Concern by [ profile] Lebateleur
Blow the Candle Out by [ profile] Zdenka
Clockwork and Stars by [ profile] shadow_lover

Culture Consumed Tuesday

Mar. 29th, 2017 03:53 am
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[being for the past fortnight. I'm posting now before it gets any more behind]


Finished Too Flash. Interesting, and not what I thought it was going to be like. The structure of the book felt like it was searching for its own heart, its own subject, in the same way that the protagonist, Zo, was searching for hers. Both book and character got there in the end. It reminded me of Jenny Pausacker's Central High books in some ways, but more up to date and much less white. I want to read more by Lucashenko. Tiny disappointment: I thought Zo was gay or bi (there was a line earlier on that sounded like it confirmed this, plus she and Missy had some UST going on) but that never got followed up.

Back to wrestling with Pedagogy of the Oppressed. It got better, and then it got worse again.

"Usually this leadership group is made up of men..." [here I stopped reading and said aloud "Well, there's your problem right there"] "...of men who in one way or another have belonged to the social strata of the dominators. At a certain point, in their existential experience, under certain historical conditions, these men renounce the class to which they belong and join the oppressed, in an act of true solidarity (or so one would hope)." Isn't it nice when the picture you draw of What This Revolution Needs comes out looking exactly like you?

So, comrade Freire, why can't the oppressed class be the revolutionary leaders? "It is extremely unlikely that these self-mistrustful, downtrodden, hopeless people will seek their own liberation -- an act of rebellion which they may view as a disobedient violation of the will of God, as an unwarranted confrontation with destiny." Oh. I see.

You know how I wrote earlier about the inherent contradictions in writing a book about revolutionary education for oppressed illiterates written in jargon even most university graduates would have some difficulty with? There is no contradiction. He's THAT guy. The one who is here for you, everything he is doing here is for YOUR sake, he WANTS to help you realise your full potential, but you have to do it on his terms, and he's the one who decides when you've learned the necessary lessons.

Which will only come when you accept him as your new thought leader while simultaneously humouring his fantasy that because he "betrayed" his ruling class background to come help liberate you from their rule by becoming your new leader, that means he's just as working class as you.

He even writes about this particular danger of revolutionary leaders and how they should be careful NOT to fall into that trap.

19 more pages to go. There are some really great paragraphs here, and some fucking awful chapters. :(

[Disclaimer: my parents are an academic and a psychologist. QED, I am not working class myself. I'm on disability, but I have more safety net than most people on disability because of my family, and also the privilege of not having been poor growing up, and of having been taught/enabled to regard authority figures as my social equals. I think it's important for me to acknowledge this while I'm tearing strips out of someone else for his unchecked privilege, lest I sound even more like Seivarden Vendaai Discovers Class Discourse 101. While I have had my own run-ins with "that guy" described above, mine were on a different axis of privilege, disability not class.]

Started reading Kate Elliott's Black Wolves, the first of her books I've read. So far... it's not hard work, and that's a relief, that's why I picked up a blockbuster fantasy novel from the library, and I do like the setting, but I do feel like it's missing something. Some subtle flavour or other. Maybe it'll show up later in the book.

TV and Movies

Went to see Hidden Figures. SO good.

It's so important that this movie got made, and did well, that it'd be churlish to criticise it at all. But if I did have a criticism, it'd be that it bent over a bit too far in the Not ALL White People direction. Which was probably what they had to do, to get it past the gatekeepers. The business with the bathroom sign in particular was a white saviour fantasy on a level I can only express in hexadecimal, namely #FFFFFF. (And I didn't notice the swearword hashtag until looking again at what I just typed, but I stand by it.)

APART from that bullshit, just... well, it's actually amazing how little of that bullshit there was, and how much they pushed back at it. Like the part when Kirsten Dunst's character (successful white career woman who's possibly (the film didn't state either way) very supportive of her white female colleagues, but is pulling up that ladder behind them as fast as she can) meets Dorothy Vaughan in the bathroom and tries to be all "believe it or not, I have nothing against you," and gee, I suppose, but you sure are not even one fraction of one percent for her, are you? And Octavia Spencer, as Dorothy Vaughan, replies something like "I can believe that you might think that," which is as close to a "you keep telling yourself that, arsehole" as she could possibly have gotten under the circumstances.

Taraji P. Henson's performance as Katherine Johnson was the heart of the film, and she and Janelle Monáe's Mary Jackson were amazing, but the part I loved the most was actually Dorothy Vaughan's arc, about thinking forward to the need to retrain herself and her workers as programmers so they wouldn't be put out of work by the new computing machines. When she taught herself FORTRAN and taught all her workers too and insisted they be hired along with her.

And this wasn't presented as some sort of fluffy innate nurturing quality in her, some sort of facile 'Johnson's the smart one, Jackson's the sexy one, Vaughan's the motherly one.' Ugh. It could have been, but it wasn't. You could see that all three of the protagonists were brilliant (and nurturing, and romantic/sexual people.) Vaughan got a couple of scenes on her own with the IBM machine, troubleshooting it and using punchcards for the first time (identifying it as female -- you could see the logic there: all the human computers are women, so the digital computer must be female too; and she could have hated it or wanted to sabotage it, but she didn't, she saw its beauty immediately) and you could see that that was where she wanted to be, where her genius was. Her teaching and looking after her team (above and beyond the requirements of her job, I mean) was because it was the right thing to do. An act of solidarity, of justice.

Watched some more B99. It's interesting, because I do have an embarassment squick, but it's gotten less intense lately and I forgot it existed. The Thanksgiving episode reminded me. *cringe*


More Stardew Valley, of course. My veggies took first prize at the fair. Suck it, Pierre! Emoji have a lot to answer for: every time I pull up an eggplant, I think of dicks. Disconcerting.


Finished the Archon Drom story arc of The Hidden Almanac, which was a lot of fun. I am staring down the barrel of a Hidden Almanac shortage, though. Gonna have to find something else soothing and safe to listen to right before bed. It might be time to catch up on my Jay and Miles X-Plain The X-Men listening. Which is not nearly as soothing, but is safe for whatever nebulous value of safe my backbrain assigns to such things.


Started my first compost bin. Beatrice and Dorian helped by supplying the bin's first contribution, the contents of their litter boxes. I am informed that this means I shouldn't use the resulting compost on my veggies, under penalty of toxoplasmosis, but it's fine for flowers. So I'll start some flowers, and it'll mean Beatrice and Dorian aren't contributing as much to landfill. Go them.

Bunnings are selling daffodil bulbs, and oh yeah, that's because it's March, and March is when the bulbs go on sale. I forgot, because it is STILL FUCKING SUMMER. I bought a value-bag of 14 and put them in the crisper drawer of the fridge, because like fuck is it time to plant them.

I also bought another marigold (how are marigolds still flowering?) and a couple of tiny cacti which I put in a planter on the windowsill in one room where the cats aren't allowed (the one with what Dorian likes to believe is a cat-sized swimming pool) and added little Pokemon figurines. There is already a plastic skull on that windowsill. I ROCK at interior decor.

Tomatoes are still growing even though it is nearly April. But global warming is just a myth, right? One of the Russian Black ones finally ripened enough for me to eat it, and it may have been the best tomato I ever tasted. I'm not usually given to hyperbole, and I want to hedge that "best" even further because I'm shit at ranking things best-worst and I can't remember all the tomatoes I've eaten, and Russian Black tomatoes are normally very good... but wow that was a good tomato. Easily the best one I've eaten this year.


Playing with i3wm customisation. I've been using i3 for nearly a year now, but hadn't done more than the bare minimum to make it habitable (i.e. moved the bar up the top and deleted the alerts I didn't need so they wouldn't glare red at me) until now. I have now learned about the screen locker app, proper deployment of feh as a wallpaper app, and some very minor keybinding adjustments.

I also created a test user account and messed harder than that with the settings there (trying to learn the GNU stash app, and to import other people's dotfiles unaltered) with less success (unless you count the fact that I did so on a test account and didn't lock myself out of my own user account -- that's its own sort of success.)

Other customisations I want to do soon:

- the config line that looks in a wallpaper directory and randomly picks a different one for each workspace, each session (the Arch wiki is extremely helpful on what exact line to put in your config to do that. I love the Arch wiki.)

- the "open this application in this workspace on startup" thing. Which is complicated because I have seven different Firefox windows open, all full of tabs, and Opinions on which one should be in which workspace, but as far as i3 knows they're all just Firefox. And workspace 1 is terminals, of course, but last time I tried to use the i3 script that lets you save your layout, I fell into a maze of twisty Perl back-compatibility problems, all alike. But even if I just tell if to open one terminal in workspace 1, open all the Firefoxes in workspace 2, and open a text editor in workspace 9, that's a start, right?

- the one I would really love to do, but suspect is going to be more difficult and complicated than I'd like to think: terminal transparency, with a different background behind each terminal window. I have these motivational memes (an angry lion captioned 'Gladly Feast On Those Who Would Subdue You' and so on, and of course Heal Yourself, Skeletor, and Calmage Wolfatee and so on) that I'd like to be able to see dimly behind my terminals. I figure that because i3 does containers and each window is in its own container, it should be possible to run a different instance of feh in each new container in workspace 1, but I haven't tested it and this is way beyond my level of knowledge or experience.

- a pleasing and harmonious colour scheme for terminal text and the i3 bar (I'd like to use lemonbar, but haven't gotten lemonbar to work yet.)


Beatrice would like it noted for the record that she is still a ferocious predator. She would enter the little blue and yellow polyester feather-ball cat toy thing in evidence, but she doesn't want to let go of it just yet. She thinks it might still be alive.

Vocational Skillz

Mar. 28th, 2017 09:46 am
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I've contacted a local nursing school about their LVN program. I've also contacted a coding academy.

Three skills. One year. Well, technically, even vocational nursing is a two-year program. But within one year I think I would qualify as a CNA (certified nurse assistant) and I'd also get the coding program and project management done by then.

The other piece of the puzzle is developing educational skills. If I'm working on education and project management, any skills I develop other than that is a cherry on top. Education and project management are a part of literally every field. Any field I develop knowledge in, I can work on education and project management for. I can be involved in their IT processes.

I'm drawing a finish line for what I want here, which is justification to learn literally any and everything.

False Dilemmas

Mar. 27th, 2017 10:06 pm
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In Judaism ethics are hashed out so much there literally isn't anything that hasn't been analyzed for its Halachic preference. (Meaning, ideal under Jewish law/ethics.)

So in this show I'm watching, iZombie, she backs out of killing a killer because then she will be a killer. However, in Jewish law, the answer is clear: Kill the killer.

He will kill other people if imprisoned because he's a zombie. He will kill other people if left on the streets. No moral dilemma here. Kill the killer.

As of next week, I'm promoted. It sucks for literally everyone else, but, at least my promotion won't be postponed, and I'll be getting 40+ hours a week.

Now it's just finding a second job.
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Canon: Dresden Files
Pairing: Harry Dresden/Johnny Marcone
Canon Level: Antagonists

I got into this pairing because I read a fic (don't remember which one), and when Gentleman Johnny Marcone walked onto the page, I went, "Well, hello kink I didn't know I had." There is something incredibly delicious in a man who is in complete control of himself and his surroundings and what might make him lose that control, whether it be anger or worry or lust. Marcone brings intensity to every scene he's in, and Harry is uniquely positioned to shake up Marcone's vaunted discipline. Harry is opinionated and stubborn and always gets involved if he wasn't already involved to begin with, and there's just no way for Marcone to completely control or predict Harry.

Suggested reading:
Enemy Mine by [ profile] Rassaku
other things the road to hell is paved with by [ profile] LuciaZephyr
The Affairs of Wizards by [ profile] Gehayi (archive-locked)
A Kiss from a Handsome... Mafia Boss by [ profile] Jade_Dragoness


Mar. 27th, 2017 05:47 pm
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I got the bus to work today.

I smiled at people.

I had some small amount of walking.

I left wik sharo to be sure to be in time to get the bus.

I bought oranges at the store on the way home.

Because work pay my parking it's slightly more expensive to get the bus than take the car. But I did like seeing who was walking their dog and doing what in the gardens without actually haing to, y'know, go for a walk.

I am going to see if I can get interesting buses to any other parts of town at the weekend, for entertainment!

They are always fighting

Mar. 27th, 2017 08:23 am
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Today they were fighting and my dad was still home.

He's thinking it's not worth it to keep the apartment for that.

So then what, Kevin gets kicked out? Maybe tell him he has to move up with my grandma, or out to Colorado with my mom?

Well. Something's gotta give and this situation is bullshit. This isn't the worst of the fighting it has been, but, it's bad.

ETA: Now that Dad has a new girlfriend, plus now that he's witnessed a (very small taste) of what life is like with Veronica and Kevin in the same place, he wants furniture and has approved that I get the nice, new furniture. So I've ordered it, but it won't be here for 3-4 weeks. That's okay, I can use my fold-up table.

It also means I need to work even HARDER on getting a second job and a roommate scenario worked out. I want to pay him back for that furniture ASAP. (Though he wants to use the place, so I guess the roommate situation isn't deadly critical. But it is pressing. I was hoping to wait til June and give Jessica more time to find a job. Looks like I'll be starting in May.

Beliefs About The Adult World

Mar. 26th, 2017 10:42 pm
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Moving furniture is such a hassle that 80-90% of people would rather offer their furniture for 100-500 dollars in exchange for you dealing with the moving of said furniture.

I found temporary furniture solutions on Craigslist, I think. I'm asking if they are still available. Eventually if I manage to make it so I am staying there long(er) term, I will fill it with things I want.

For now I'll settle for 'I can invite people over and they can sit down.'

I also saw a queen canopy bed and messaged about that. My daybed mattress is super uncomfortable. I'm thinking about trying to upgrade.

Ships that I Ship: Day 85: Joon/Sam

Mar. 26th, 2017 07:57 pm
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Canon: Benny & Joon
Pairing: Sam/Joon Pearl
Canon Level: Dating

Benny & Joon is a sweet movie about falling in love and the right to grow up while having mental health issues. Joon and Sam's romance is cute. They both care for each other, and they both do their best to help each other with things they struggle with. Neither of them is "normal," and they appreciate each other for who they are, not who they could be.

Suggested reading:
Green Eggs and Sam by [ profile] bicyclefish
But it's Tuesday by [ profile] kho

Sustain, persist, ascend.

Mar. 26th, 2017 02:17 pm
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One brave green shoot pushes through the muck;
more will soon follow.
There will still be storytime at the library next week.
The librarian will still be found wearing a plush ladybug.
Somewhere, a child will move from baby to toddler
in pursuit of that bubble, just out of reach.

(Mostly written in early February.)
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Smoked tofu stir fry - tonight dinner/ Monday lunch
Rice, beans and red pepper hummus - Monday dinner/ Tuesday lunch
Baked potato and vegan cheese - Tuesday dinner
Hummus and sandwich thins - Wed lunch
Pepper onion potato and corn polenta - Wed dinner, Thursday lunch
Baked potato and tofurkey sausages - Thursday dinner
Friday - out for lunch and dinner

Breakfasts - savoury mochi, porridge, avocados

Snacks - fruit, the soy yogurt mountain, miso soup

Drinks: squash, the coffee mountain. Am getting used to less diet soda in my life.

Food budget for April is £20 a week, because I have so much to use up! So into town on Saturday for fresh fruit and veg from the market (proved v cheap and great quality this week) and a trip to the wholefoods shop for tofu products.

As I am getting the bus to work this week, I won't be tempted by supermarket stops on the way home; it will only lead to more walking, which in current state of illness, is not wise.


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