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...Publish our posts? I'm reading through Support requests that are duplicates of the feature requests I've been making to [site community profile] dw_suggestions over the last year where people have been advised to...make a post about it to [site community profile] dw_suggestions! *cough* I already did *cough* I mean, this is getting too meta to deal with. The community has not been updated in almost eight months. I know part of this was all the fun that was had when our entire bug tracker blew up and whatever anyone could remember of it had to be reposted afterward to GitHub but, wow...*sigh* it's been such a long, long time.

End weekend; begin week

May. 30th, 2016 10:19 pm
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This week is sort of going to be sheer hell.

Tuesday I just have choir 4-6 and 7-9:30, because concert week means extra rehearsals.
Wednesday I get to meet with wheelchair people about the new chair not working for me (it functions, but I can't sit in it for more than two or three hours before my tailbone starts hurting. Need more tilt range and/or way better cushion)
Thursday I have a doctor consult (possible new gp, because the thyroid stuff was sort of a last straw and also he's within a few years of retiring), a book group discussion, and the same choir schedule as Tuesday.
Friday I have hand pt in the morning, then choir 4-6 and the concert at 7.

...I have trouble getting through Rehearsal Hell Week when it's the only thing on my plate. I'd have trouble with the w/th/f non-choir stuff (dealing with the wheelchair people and trying to convey my needs is stressful, meeting with new people is stressful, and I have to get up slightly earlier than normal for the hand pt). With the two combined, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to survive without imploding.

Add to that the fatigue issues I've been having, and the fact that this weekend was enjoyable but high-energy (sister and niecelet in town for the weekend, niecelet is still absolutely the cutest, but she's a handful, and dealing with my mom is stressful, especially when she's being passive aggressive (did I tell y'all about the lunch fiasco?) or trying to help or criticizing my sister's parenting choices (my mom insists my sister lets niecelet get everything she wants; I think that my sister is treating niecelet like a person with her own desires, and is respecting her choices when she can and either deflecting niecelet's attention or explaining why something's not happening, and my mom just doesn't process that sort of thing right), and so even though I got a fair amount of sleep I'm going into the week tired), and ... I don't even know.

Home from a lovely WisCon 40...

May. 30th, 2016 07:59 pm
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Home from a lovely WisCon 40 …with

  • detailed panel notes
  • enlightening chats with old friends
  • hazy memories of chats with new folks
  • fist-bumps with all folks
  • joyous spreading of gifts in the con suite
  • and only one shoulder squeeze

I actually stayed up until 1:30am today, which is highly irregular. I’m feeling droopy but not brain rotten. (Hope this psychic warm front continues; I’m not manic yet.)

More to come.

[Fic] And Like A River Continues

May. 30th, 2016 04:05 pm
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Cross-post from my archive.

Fandom/Arc: Star Driver, Triskelion
Characters/Pairings: Agemaki Wako, Gouda Tetsuya, Honda George, Katashiro Ryousuke, Miyabi Reiji, Nichi Kate, Okamoto Midori, Shinada Benio, Shindou Sugata, Simone Aragon, Tsunashi Takuto, Wako/Sugata/Takuto, Watanabe Kanako
Summary: The anime's ending leaves a great deal up in the air; this story takes up some of those loose threads. Picks up immediately after the end and throws everyone a little further into the future.
Meta: Drama, I-3
Wordcount: 9045

"Takuto is with him," Wako said firmly, eyes fixed on the sky. "They'll be all right." Takuto's look had promised her that, in that long, silent moment of fierce understanding they'd shared before she'd agreed to break the southern seal. And she was going to hold them both to that promise, if she had to regenerate Wauna and go up there herself to make sure of it!

And Like A River Continues )
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Living on Your Breath (110343 words) by Sineala
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Marvel (Comics), Marvel 616, Avengers (Comics)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Carol Danvers, Wanda Maximoff, Janet Van Dyne, Clint Barton, Thor (Marvel), Vision (Marvel), Vance Astrovik, Angelica Jones, Pietro Maximoff
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Brainwashing, Mind Control, Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery, Villain Tony Stark, Torture, BDSM, Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Dom Tony Stark, Sub Steve Rogers, Sadism, Masochism, Hand Feeding, Food Issues, stress positions, Shaving, Collars, Gags, Handcuffs, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Suicidal Thoughts, Internalized Kink Shaming, Knifeplay, Bloodplay, Whipping, Choking, Breathplay, Getting Together, Happy Ending, Avengers Vol. 3 (1998), Community: cap_ironman, Cap_Ironman Reverse Bang Challenge 2016, Additional Warnings In Author's Note
Summary: The Avengers have faced Onslaught and come home. The team has assembled again. And Steve is finally together with Tony. They're in love. Everything is perfect. But this happiness is all too brief, as Tony is kidnapped by forces unknown. Steve rushes off to rescue Tony, only to find that Tony has been brainwashed and turned against him. Now Steve, captured and tortured by the man he loves, must sacrifice everything he has to stop Tony from becoming a monster. Their relationship will never be the same again... if they both get out of here alive.


Here is the iddiest idfic I have ever written. I tried to tag for EVERYTHING and now the tags are longer than the summary. Whoops.

Anyway, have a hundred thousand words of h/c with brainwashing and torture. This is also the most h/c I have ever written.

You should also check out [personal profile] phoenixmetaphor's most excellent art that actually inspired all this. It took me a lot of words to explain why Tony was wearing fishnets and leather and choking out Steve.


May. 29th, 2016 09:33 pm
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So the other day my RSS feeds brought me a link to this article about frisson, the pleasant chills you get sometimes when you're listening to particular music, or sometimes when someone touches you, that kind of thing. Except apparently not everyone gets this? The article says it's 2/3rds of the population, and when I asked [personal profile] lysimache how weird it was that they were explaining this sensation to me like maybe I had no idea what it was, she told me she had no idea what I was talking about.

Informal polling (of the #cap-im chat) got me three yeses and one no. How about you all?

The article recommends the first couple minutes of this Bach piece (up to and including the chorus coming in) as frisson-inducing, which I have to agree with. Poking around their other suggestions, I get it more from orchestral work and not so much pop/rock music (unless it also has an orchestra -- like, I get it from "Live and Let Die"). Also non-orchestral music with a lot of harmony suddenly coming in will often work for me, like this sea shanty.

Humans. We're weird, huh?

M/M Rares Letter

May. 29th, 2016 06:07 pm
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Hey, writer! Let me just say right now that despite the various prompts and ideas I'll be tossing out there for each of my fandoms, you don't have to stick to any of them. They're just ideas since, as a writer, I know I have an easier time if my assignment provides prompts. So feel free to ignore them all and just write whatever you want as long as it's about a pairing I requested. And not one of my Do-Not-Wants, of course. I swear I am not picky.

Standard Exchange Letter )

I really just wanted some morphine

May. 29th, 2016 10:58 pm
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i.e. hello everyone, I am home again and have been for some time, [personal profile] shortcipher has taken excellent care of me, North Middlesex Hospital continues to exist in the centre of a desolate hellscape as far as public transport to anywhere useful is concerned, etc.

Slightly more detail. )

X-Men: Apocalypse

May. 28th, 2016 10:04 pm
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Spoilers )
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The Entropy of Bones (2015; Ayize Jama-Everett) is terrible. It is abysmal. It is appalling. I am about 60% of the way through (and at this point am probably going to finish it, because that's about 80 pages left) and it is so bad on so many topics. I assume that The Liminal People, by the same author and in the same universe and apparently published first (so perhaps I should have read it first but Oh Well, Never Mind), is not any better.

Honestly largely irrelevant snark about the quality of the writing, presented mostly as a framing device. )

Which is all fine as far as it goes, like, whatever, I read a lot of pulpy speculative fiction, but then there are the fucking trigger warnings. And oh dear me are there a lot of them. (At some point I will try to usefully articulate the distinction I make between "content note" and "trigger warning", but that time is not now; just... bear in mind that I'm using the latter not the former.)

The overview. )

The detailed trigger warnings. )

Just... if you decide to read this, you might wanna be prepared going in.
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ETA, 5-31-16: Support request, filed.

I've been reading about News Genius with increasing alarm. It's a web annotation service* you don't need to join, download or install anything to use: you simply add "" without quotes to the front of any website URL and begin annotating. Annotated text shows up as highlighted fields. Clicking on a highlight shows discussions by others about your page in the right hand column, in an overlay that's added using a combination of JavaScript and CSS.

Anything can be highlighted and annotated: a website's name, the name of a post, the sentence I'm typing up right now, the next paragraph, all the paragraphs, All The Words, any tags attached to the post - in short, any words or links seen on any page.

I started off reading what's bad about it (in short: the code overrides built-in browser protection against cross-site scripting attacks; longer story: it overrides fucking everything via proxy and turns any webpage into an endless series of rewritten URLs prefaced with; the makers claim they block form entry but that can be overridden quite trivially, and it works exactly as expected on private and friends-locked pages such as we have here on Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, Facebook, et al).

Then I read how one blogger was attacked - right on her page, where she can't see it - by employees of News Genius (the article about that, of course, has also been attacked by injecting her page to egg it on, which has got to be both irony and cruelty at its height) and finally what might be done to block News Genius from running on your webpage. Here's some more on that.

The answer to the last question - how to block News Genius if you're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, InsaneJournal,, or any website where you can make posts or run your own journal or blogspace but can't run scripts or add backend code - is not too much.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and users currently have no way to block News Genius.

LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal and other LJ clone sites can use a custom theme layer to add CSS to the head portion of their webpages (which I'll explain below).


Using CSS as a script hider is far from ideal, perhaps the worst hack there is. Genius's scripts will run even if you can't see them (if you want to test this, add the CSS below, compile your code, then hover any link on your pages after appending to the front of your page URL. Genius will still rewrite your pages to allow annotation and rewrite every link to use their proxy. You just can't see the annotations nor find the ability on the page to make the annotations with anymore).

If your page has *not* yet been annotated to your knowledge, then you might want to use CSS as a simple preventative.

The one thing hiding Genius via local CSS *will* do - until some yahoo finds a workaround or Genius devs rewrite to defeat it...and believe me, I spent a year or two fighting Google over similar turf but for different reasons so I know what I might be up against - is to deny others the ability to use Genius on your page, without your knowledge. While there might be some cursory workaround for those determined enough, until I hear of it I'll run with using CSS, as it's better than doing nothing.

I *do* plan on filing a Dreamwidth support request when I finish this pre-publishing edit: soon, because it's getting way too late asking if they'll look into blocking Genius, as it works on private and friends-only posts, which denies authors of the latter any idea what people are saying on what should be pages they have complete control over, and gives all authors of any private material a serious security vulnerability (that News Genius can possibly read, transmit and store non-public works, images, and so on, back to their own servers or where ever else).

To be clear, this annotation service is a serious security vulnerability and presents a privacy violation for every writer who uses the Internet. Annotations can be made without your knowledge; News Genius is proxying and transmitting data from every URL; non-public posts on any website, be it, Dreamwidth, or LJ are at risk of being read, stored and annotated without your knowledge by anyone who has access to them. If this doesn't worry you, perhaps it should.


On websites that support editing the head section of your webpages, add the following CSS to block News Genius from visibly showing up:

The CSS is not minified, prettified nor compact. It can be modified however you like, but I'm not responsible for any weirdness or breakage if you edit it, nor will I troubleshoot if it stops working as it should. You can see how I'm using it in my theme layer, with apologies for ranting a little and for DW stripping the ability to use comments, which forces me to do so via CSS.

If you know CSS, you can get away with a lot less than I what I used, which is a future-proofed, admittedly paranoid idea of what it should block. It's my first pass with no edits to streamline or smooth it out, so change whatever you like. It actually works fine using just the CSS that sets display:none or just the CSS that MIAs URLs and edits backgrounds back into blessed transparency. It shouldn't affect web page display negatively (unless you have background colors set in areas touched by Genius's code, in which case, you should edit the CSS accordingly) no matter how much or little of it you use. Edit, post-publishing: But I'll be updating it soon with a better cursor replacement than uh, "none".

Also, News Genius has truly awful CSS. Check it out for yourself. Please. It repeats needlessly, and endlessly, so parsing what to hide was super-painful, and don't even get me started on the HTML[there's way too much of <---THIS---> going on, among other things that make me flail. Like "100%" used as an actual psuedo-class. Seriously.].

I am - as always - taking questions, comments and criticisms in the comments section below - where I feel such things, you know, generally belong.

*Bonus points if you've been here before and can remember me complaining about - and blocking, via similar use of CSS - at least one (comparatively primitive) web annotating service that appeared in the mid-aughts. We sure did have them back then and yes, I sure did. I'm singling News Genius out because it's currently the most talked about, popular and flat-out dangerous, but yes, I'll pre-empt any objections by saying I'm aware there are other services like it, but in their favor - at the very least - they don't seem to present the same cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that News Genius does.

Computer update

May. 27th, 2016 03:56 pm
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Yesterday I told myself (rather angrily) that if I couldn't get Windows 7 to work on the new computer that day, I'd go buy Windows 10 and use that.

I reneged, because I ended up being too tired and upset to try my one more thing I had left to try (go buy a 16GB drive and see if the reason the ASRock patcher isn't working is that I was using a smaller USB drive than they told me to (they said "more than 8GB" and it's an 8GB drive, so... it's worth a try.))

Today I'm fresher, have bought the larger drive, and found two more things to try:

a) run the app not only in administrator mode, but also in Vista SP2 compatibility mode (also seen in that thread: when ASRock released that app, originally they released it LOCKED TO ASROCK MOTHERBOARDS. So if you couldn't get Windows 7 to work on your new computer with the ASRock motherboard, you couldn't install their patch if your old computer did not have an ASRock motherboard. That's... even stupider than the Coolermaster's power on button thing. They claim to have unlocked it.)

b) if that doesn't work, try slipstreaming the drivers into the .iso myself. By hand.

Or, in other words:

a) paint a trompe-l'oeil picture of myself swimming in the ocean and hope the sharks chase that instead of me, or

b) learn to ride the sharks back to shore

I love computers.

No interpretation needed

May. 26th, 2016 06:50 pm
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Had a dream last night where I was at this ... combination gift-giving and murder mystery dinner (though the mystery was who was going to get "killed" and how; it ended up being one guy pulling a gun, and fumbling it, and a second guy pulling out a knife to go after the target, and the first guy using that distraction to "shoot" the target in the head.)

But while I was there, my mom called to see if I was ready to go to a thing with her that I hadn't remembered her telling my about in the first place. And I said no, I was having fun here (at the dinner) and so was staying. And she came in to get me, and I said that I wanted to stay, and we ended up in a sobbing screaming match. Well, I was sobbing; she was just ... being all calm and stuff in the specific way that people do to make you look like the irrational one.

It got to the point where I went to find the murder mystery coordinator to go HALP, and my mom followed while arguing her case, and the coordinator told my mom that she should go away, and I cried a lot in frustration and then went back just in time for the "murder".

I don't think I need much of a dream interpreter for this.

(The "getting into fights with a parent (usually my mom but sometimes my dad) where they are calmly treating me like a child and I am emotionally flailing and raging" thing is a common dream motif for me.)

Lacy. #sunset #silhouette

May. 27th, 2016 01:19 am
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Lacy. #sunset #silhouette

Vanilla Black, again

May. 26th, 2016 07:18 pm
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Because I had a birthday, again. P had arranged to be Elsewhere this year, so A was my only dining companion. I was a little nervous about that, partly because I am a seething mess of anxiety at the moment but partly because my understanding had been that last year he'd enjoyed it well enough but hadn't been anything like as impressed as P & I. Which, you know, fair enough -- but in fact this year his main arrived and he proceeded to sit looking stunned and rapturous for several whole minutes, which I of course found utterly charming.

For my part, this year they took me well outside my comfort zone and it almost all just worked.

Read more... )

Wednesday Reading Meme

May. 25th, 2016 04:45 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

Nothing! But now that I am done with my RBB draft I can actually read books again! Just in time for comics to break my heart!

What I'm Reading Now

Comics Wednesday. What the fuck, Marvel.

Captain America - Steve Rogers #1, Doctor Strange #8, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8 )

What I'm Reading Next

Books. Whatever. Something.

[food] tiramisu

May. 25th, 2016 08:42 pm
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Notes for next time, just so I don't have to work it out again.

Read more... )


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