jazzyjj ([personal profile] jazzyjj) wrote in [site community profile] dw_accessibility 2014-07-02 02:13 am (UTC)

This is just an addendum to my previous post. The website for the taxicab service I mentioned is http://www.303taxi.com . I couldn't get it to work well with VoiceOver or Chromevox either. But their site seems to have been overhauled. I just went there with VoiceOver, and the process for ordering a cab online seems to be a lot more accessible although there do seem to be some minor issues with it. I uninstalled Chromevox awhile ago because it kept crashing, but perhaps it has since been updated. The other 2 websites mentioned in my last post required logging in and are no longer available. The other point I wanted to make was that I don't much care for web-based email, at least most web-based mail sites. The reason for this is that they tend to be so incredibly cluttered, and they refresh a lot which is kind of a "no-no" for screen readers. For example, I use AT&T and their site does have a link which will turn off automatic page refreshing for screen readers. I have in fact tried this and while it works okay, it is by no means what I'd consider a viable solution.

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