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The main thing for me is setting the font really large, to around 20pts, and certain color combos are better for me, so I use RSS feeds a lot rather than original web pages. I appreciate that upping my font size doesn't cause issues here, the way it does on other sites (Photobucket, until recently, was a really egregious offender in this area). Also, I found a pair of orange computer glasses recently that help a lot if my severe floaters are swimming around excessively. (A new amazing eye doctor helped too.)

Recently, I've been playing with Lisgo, an app for iPhones (etc.) that reads web pages to you on the go (it syncs with Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later). I'm using it to edit my writing by listening to chapters while driving. The only limitation is that it will only work on entries that are set to public and rated "G" (or whatever it is here). I don't think it works on the dreaded Lisgo's developer is really keen on helping people to use the app in new ways, and he will reply to any comment you make within 24 hours, which is amazing. I find that Lisgo's text-to-speech algorithm sounds more natural than most of the other options out there, but YMMV.

I want to try some of these other things that people have mentioned!

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