Jul. 19th, 2013

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I think there's only one accessibility feature in tonight's code push (except that all the various other little clarifications, doc fixes, etc are also accessibility wins, but this is the big one).

Youtube and vimeo video embeds require flash to control. Many of us can't easily access the Flash controls (and many people have problems with flash a number of reasons). This patch puts a plain HTML link to the video outside the Flash, so you can open it up at the Vimeo and Youtube sites, where you might have more control. For example, you might have YouTube configured to autoplay, or configured to use their much more accessible HTML5 player, but that only works if you're at their site.

Also coming imminently but not here tonight, the links will also contain the title of the video, so you know what it is before you follow the link. We just need to finish some paperwork with youtube to enable that functionality.

Examples below the cut.
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