Oct. 31st, 2011

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A bunch of new accessibility fixes have gone live on the Dreamwidth site with the latest code push! They're all listed in the [site community profile] dw_maintenance entries but they're mixed in with tons of other stuff so I'm pulling them out to list here for those people who are interested...

Accessibility wins! )

This code push also activates the very first beta testing of our new Create Entries page! This is a complete rewrite of the old Update page in order to allow for future expansion and new features such as draft posts, scheduled posts, recurring posts, expanding the range of what can be posted to your journal, and a whole host of other awesome things. It's not finished yet - the biggest thing you'll notice missing is the rich text editor (RTE), you have to type posts in HTML if you're using this beta feature.

This you will only see this new beta update page if you turn on beta testing, and you can turn it off at any time. Check out [site community profile] dw_beta for more details about this.

I'd like to really encourage people who use accessibility technologies of any type, including screen readers, magnifying software, large text, speech-to-text software, keyboard-only access, etc., to try this beta out if you have some spare time and energy. [personal profile] fu, who is doing the programming for this new page, is very aware of accessibility needs and we all want to get it as accessible as possible so we need to know what's not easily accessible yet! Pop over to [site community profile] dw_beta and read the post about the new Create Entries page and leave your comments over there so we can keep improving.



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