Aug. 6th, 2011

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I was looking at the icons page for some friends recently when I realised something; each icon on the page has the description as its ALT text, even though the description is given in the next column over anyway.

(for an example of an icons page with descriptions, see my icons page.)

Since I myself don't use a screen reader, I don't know whether this makes things easier or more difficult for those who do, or whether it impacts accessibility in any other way. One of the aforementioned friends, who is blind and uses NVDA (a free, open-source screen reader for Windows), said that they think it's a little odd and that it would probably be better to use the keywords as the ALT text on that page. (Everywhere else, of course, should still use the description.)

I'd love to get input from a wider audience, though, and particularly from people for whom this sort of thing matters, such as those using screen readers. What do you all think? I'd post to [site community profile] dw_suggestions but I'd prefer to know the views from the people here first.


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